Preparation Tips For BITSAT 2022

To clear the exam with good points, students should be familiar with the test pattern, syllabus, key topics, etc. Students are provided here with all the details about the BITSAT 2022 test pattern and syllabus as well as preparation tips and important books. Readers can refer to the full article to find out about BITSAT 2022 preparation tips, key topics, and books. The BITSAT test is a computer-based entry test conducted for admission to various engineering courses offered at three BITS Pilani-Goa, Pilani and Hyderabad campuses.

BITSAT Preparation Strategy

If you wish to enter higher engineering institutions, there is a good chance you will wish to prepare for the JEE Main exams and the BITSAT exams. The syllabus is common to both tests and passing both tests with the same syllabus increases the chances of students getting colleges and courses the way they like. If you are looking for BITSAT preparation tips, you should be aware of the test drive framework.


To enter one of the prestigious BITS colleges, there must be a BITSAT preparation strategy. Concept clarity, review, familiarity, accuracy and time management are important factors, candidates need balance. With just a few days left, it is important to focus on effective preparation. Let's take a look at a quick test.

Events Dates
BITSAT 2022 Application Form Release Date 1st week of April 2022
Last date to fill BITSAT 2022 Application Form 4th week of May 2022
BITSAT 2022 Form Correction 4th week of May 2022
BITSAT 2022 Exam Center Allotment and Announcement 1st week оf June 2022
BITSAT 2022 Slot Booking 1st tо 2nd week оf June 2022
BITSAT 2022 Admit Card Release Date 2nd week оf June 2022
BITSAT 2022 Exam Date 4th week оf June 2022

Exam Pattern

You need to have complete information about the BITSAT test pattern in order to be able to plan your test strategy accordingly. With the knowledge of grade distribution, you can come up with a clever strategy to deal with the test and increase your score. Here is a quick summary of the test pattern:

Section Subject No. of Questions
I Physics 40
II Chemistry 40
III A)-English Proficiency

B)-Logical Reasoning



IV Biology/ Mathematics 45
Total   150

How do I prepare?

  1. Read NCERT books. These are simple books that most readers often overlook. The book will help you clear up any misunderstandings you may have.
  2. Time management: The phrase - Exercise Makes a Perfect Man - is very accurate in BITSAT 2022. Try to solve and practice test sheets for as many models as possible. You can also look at the sample papers and question papers from last year.
  3. Write down all the essential formulas in the notebook. Try to review all formulas once a day before bed. Ignore even the most formulas that you think are worthless. Many questions are usually based on a formula. Find short tricks to solve complex problems. It will help you to save your own time.
  4. The English and Logical Reasonings are different from BITSAT. Therefore, you should be familiar with the question pattern. This requires only the basic understanding and no special preparation.
  5. Now that you were preparing for BITSAT a few months ago to a year, you should have an idea about your strong and weak points. Students find chapters like Oscillations and Kinematics difficult. Make sure you do not leave out topics that you find difficult until the last minute. With just a few days to go before BITSAT 2022, it is time to focus on your weak points and train yourself in the chapters you are uncomfortable with.

How to prepare in one month?

  • Give each day BITSAT (approximately 10 hours a day) to prepare for one month. If you are clear about your ideas, one month is not enough.
  • Take mock tests. This will help you to discover your strengths and weaknesses. According to experts, when you take mock exams, if your score is in grades 350 - 380, you will have a solid understanding of many topics. However, if your score is 320 - 350, you will need to improve your accuracy to get more points. You also need to save time to try out the last 12 questions to push your score higher.
  • Solve questionnaires from previous years. This will help you get an idea of ​​the type of questions you may have in the test. Also, you will be safe from reading a lot of books.
  • Focus on English if you are not confident about it. Try more questions with sound reasoning. Try out the questions for the last 2 to 3 years. Questions from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics / Biology are a cake journey. Review all topics once without going into too much detail.
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