Preparing for CLAT- 6 common mistakes to avoid

Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is a national-level entrance test conducted by the Nationals Law University (NLU) for admission to both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in LLB.

To be admitted to integrated undergraduate law programs Bachelor of Legislative Law (BA LLB), one must have completed their Higher Secondary Examination. Similarly, a graduate degree is a must for the advanced postgraduate academic degree Master of Laws (LLM) program.


CLAT preparation requires a structured and well-formatted study plan, a strategic problem-solving mind, and knowledge and understanding of the syllabus. However, despite all the best practices, we often fail to perform our best.

The reason might be we need to pay more attention to the missteps, which can also lead to a drop in marks. Here are a few essential common errors one must avoid when preparing for the CLAT. Check out the articles to avoid mistakes.

6 Common mistakes to avoid while preparing for CLAT

The stress of preparing for CLAT to get admission to a top National Law University might be daunting. However, students often make common blunders that might directly or indirectly affect their entire preparation.

  1. Not being conscious while writing the question paper

Think again if you feel the most difficult ones should be handled first. It can be a mistake and can consume most of your time. Also, if you get stagnant or cannot answer the challenging questions, you may become easily distracted and begin your paper with a false start.

It would be best to begin with the easy ones so you can complete most of the questions. It will offer the needed input to address the remaining questions and save time. Be smart and trust yourself.

  1. Not preparing a time schedule

Time management is essential when preparing for a competitive exam. You can't study intensively for one week and then take a vacation the next.

CLAT preparation is a tiring and progressive procedure that cannot be completed in a few weeks or months. For which one must commit adequate time to it.

Study less, but every day, do not skip your chapters for the next day; try to cover the whole chapter in one go. Don't break your chain; this will allow you to be in flow, learn more effectively, and recall your past chapters.

  1. Skipping the mock test

It is integral to preparing for competitive exams. Mock tests are a set of practice papers that give a brief idea of how to attempt the sets of questions and help you to prepare only based on the latest exam pattern and syllabus.

However, skipping the mock test can lead students to overlook the chance to discover their weaknesses, which go unnoticed and hamper their achievement in their exams. The mocks are only there to show students what they need to improve to score the highest mark possible in their final, so give as many mocks as possible.

Remember, quality matters, not quantity.

  1. Referring to different study material

Nowadays, many study materials are available for CLAT preparation. Students often change the study materials from one to another, which can lead to bad practice. Referring to too many sources may cause confusion and problems in recalling.

The wisest choice is to look into your guide's most suggested resources and stick with them until your final exam. It would be best if you understood now that it is impossible to read everything, so buy the best books for CLAT Preparation and stick to them.

  1. Not making time table

Students often forget to prepare a proper timetable, which leads to difficulties; one rarely knows how a nap can turn into a long sleep. It's tough to tell how time passes so quickly when attempting to comprehend that one twisted thought. So, the first thing one must do on the first day of any competitive exam is to maintain the Time table, for which you need to know your plus points and red flags.

However, a timetable is so crucial that Plan a schedule loosely explaining what you must do for the day, and then gradually and steadily grow more explicit with your timetable. The idea is that you can forget to do what you need every day, which is unhealthy.

  1. Neglects revisions

CLAT preparation for 2023 also implicates thorough knowledge and memorizing facts. Thus, students should revise weekly to ensure they do not forget their previous learning. Students often neglect revision daily and leave it for the last minute, leading to tension, depression, and frustration. So Revise, Revise and Revise.


There are a few common missteps that aspirants often make while preparing for competitive exams. These include not studying regularly, not solving previous year's papers, not taking mock tests, and not making a study schedule; these can lead to a lower score on the exam.

To avoid making these mistakes, students should study regularly, solve previous year's papers, take mock tests regularly within a time frame, make a study schedule, and take breaks. Students need to be aware of the common mistakes they make while preparing. One common mistake might lead to a blunder. One needs to be very calm and understand each subject adequately. This article has listed six of the most common mistakes students make while preparing for exams like CLAT.

So stop procrastinating and start thinking until the exam knocks on the door. There is no better time to start planning than right now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How to clear clat easily?

Ans. One can clear CLAT quickly by following the steps:

  • Search for a good coaching center i.e: Physics Wallah
  • Take notes
  • Attend regular classes
  • Revise regularly
  • Give mock tests
  • Go for previous year's question papers
  • Read newspapers and other journals related to law, constitution, etc.
  • Know your weakness and revise the article as per your weakness.

Q2. Is CLAT preparation for 1 month enough?

Ans. Preparing for CLAT in 1 month can only be possible if the aspirant is more attentive towards the preparation.

Q3. How many hours of study can succeed in my clat exam?

Ans. According to research and toppers' recommendation, a study of 7 to 8 hours is enough to crack CLAT in one go. However, daily revision of chapters and reading news are equally important to get ultimate success.

Q4. How many months of preparation are required to clear clat 2023?

Ans. One year of preparation is sufficient to get a good score in CLAT 2023 examination if a student is sincere and pays attention in core subjects.

Q5. What is the cutoff score for nlsiu?

Ans. You must score between 80 and 85 on the entrance exam to get admitted to one of the NLUs. Any score above 100 is considered good; however, the predicted cutoff for admittance to the three leading NLUs should be between 100 and 105. If you want to get into one of the top five leading NLUs, the CLAT Cut Off should be 95-100.

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