PW Saarthi : One Step Closer to Student Success

PW Saarthi is a one-on-one doubt-solving interaction program for students who can interact with the mentors. Not only the doubts, but they can also ask about other problems. Despite being an edtech startup, Physics Wallah’s vision has become an inspiration for so many people. The journey from a Facebook group to a youtube channel to a unicorn company was not a piece of cake.

Physics Wallah Saarthi

The services provided by them haven’t been imperceptible. Not only do online and offline coaching, but they also offer hybrid classes for the convenience of the students. You’ve also heard of their new program named “PW Saarthi.” So “what is PW Saarthi? What are the services provided in that course? Is it online or offline? Who are the best teachers of the Saarthi Program?”

Today we’ll discuss all PW Saarthi and discuss all the queries that you might have.

What is PW Saarthi?

Saarthi is a new service introduced by Physics wallah towards Foundation (Class 9th &10th), IIT JEE, NEET, and dropout students. Every student will get abetment experience, from doubt solving and study planning to career guidance and counseling to the student and parents. Everything will be included. Even if you’re facing trouble with studies or problems like anxiety, distraction, etc., in that case as well you can also connect with them.

Courses Offered

Physics Wallah offers various courses for students of class 9th, 10th, IIT-JEE, NEET, and dropouts. You can easily access these online courses for IIT-JEE, and there are some other courses for NEET students and dropouts. We also provide offline and hybrid classes as well for students. Here’s the list of all the online courses for students:

Courses Name
1. IIT JEE - Class 11
2. IIT JEE - Class 12
3. IIT JEE - Droppers
4. NEET - Class 11
5. NEET - Class 12
6. NEET - Droppers
7. Class 10th Preparation
8. Class 9th Preparation

Need Of Physics Wallah Saarthi Personal Mentors

Physics wallah has introduced Saarthi for the personal and career development of the students.

  1. Live Coaching- After joining Saarthi, you’ll get live and personal coaching sessions from the best mentors of IIT-JEE and NEET
  2. Qualified Coaches- The coaches/mentors are very well qualified with high intellectual. You can ask anything from the online coaches for IIT-JEE and NEET
  3. Student Development- With the best coaches, you will have 24*7 doubt-solving sessions for IIT-JEE and NEET.
  4. Non-academic Problems- Not only the academic problems, but you can also clear your non-academic problems with the best faculties who’ve gone through the same thing at your age.

How Will Saarthi Help You With Your Preparation?

  • Saarthi is introduced to help students plan their studies and career development and solve other academic and non-academic problems they might face.
  • The planner is a free offering by saarthi that lets you make a plan for your weekly or overall goals.
  • You might also ask for preparation tips and study plans.
  • You will be assigned a personal coach who will solve your academic and non-academic problems.
  • While preparing for the examination, students might get stressed out for that as well. You can consult with the mentors online.
  • They’ll also help you with the issues like time management, strategy management, motivation, etc.

Enrollment Procedure

  1. Log in to the PW app with your ID
  2. Then go to the Saarthi button on the middle left.
  3. Choose your preparation and class accordingly.
  4. New screen will open, on you will get several options
  5. Choose the options according to your needs.

Saarthi Mentorship Plans

There’re several plans for students that they can choose from according to their needs.

Mentorship Plans
Duration Price (Including all taxes)
7 Days (Trial) Rs. 99
1 Month Rs. 1000
3 Months Rs. 2800
1 Year Rs. 8000

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Q1. What is a planner?

Ans. You can create your daily or weekly goals on the planner and work on them accordingly.

Q2. I am studying in Class 11/12/12+ which subscription should I buy?

Ans. There are many courses which you can choose from. We’ve also provided a list of courses above for your reference.

Q3. Should I go for a yearly or three-month subscription?

Ans. You can choose the plan according to your needs and goals. Saarthi starts working as soon as you register, so if you want them from the beginning till the end and want to take full advantage, then a yearly subscription will be suitable for you. But if you have a short-term goal, you can go with a three-month subscription.

Q4. My parents want to interact with coaches? Can they do that?

Ans. Yes, every month, coaches have an interactive session with the parents. Here, they can easily talk about their child.

Q5. How to invite my friends on the Saarthi app?

Ans. To invite your friends, click on the invite now button and send an invitation on Whatsapp messenger.

Q6. How to connect with my coach?

Ans. After subscribing, you can connect with your coach by chatting or entering a virtual meeting room. For chatting, you can click on the subject under the title “connect with your premium coaches” For virtual meetings, you can click on the top right corner of the chat screen.

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