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Aspirants often underestimate the power of fast calculation in competitive examinations. Math tricks not only help you to do calculations faster but also help you to break complex questions in a very easiest way. There are plenty of tips and tricks for fast calculations available on the internet but remembering numbers of tricks can be very confusing. Here we have provided the list of best math tricks that make you solve quantitative aptitude problems very fast and improve your mathematical skills.

Students learn a number of tricks to make an impression in front of others but they forget that learning only different tips and tricks would not ensure their success in the examination. Learning concepts and practice also play an important key role to succeed in the examination. Fast calculation reduces your calculation time so that you can make your attempt maximum.

In this blog we have provided the complete math tricks with answers. These tricks will prove really helpful in any competitive examination. You can also prepare with vedic mathematics tricks.

Maths trick to solve faster

Addition trick

Addition is one of the most important calculation skills that every student should master. You can easily add two digits but in three digits your mind will take some time to calculate. For e.g take addition of 456 and 395



  • Take a round number nearest to the given number.



  • Now add the numbers.


  • Now add the extra digits that you have added in the original number.


  • Subtract the number from the round number addition.


So the addition of 456 and 395 will give you an answer of 851.

Multiplication trick (multiple of 5)

Multiplication trick has a significant role in calculation. If you have good addition skills then you will master multiplication skills in less time. Understand with an example

2484 x 5=?


  • Divide the number which have to multiply with 5


  • Add zero after the number.


2484 x 5=12420

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Divisibility tricks

  1. Divisib​ility by 2

To check the divisibility by 2, the last digits should be 0 or multiple of 2.

For e.g= 4568

  1. Divisibility by 3

To check the divisibility by 3 the sum of the digit of the number must be divisible by 3.

For e.g. 80019

Sum of digits of the number= 8+0+0+1+9

=18( 18 is divisible by3)

Hence this number is divisible by 3

  1. Divisibility by 4

To check the divisibility by 4, the last two digits of the numbers should be divisible by 4.

For e.g. 744

The last two digits of the number are divisible by four. Hence this number will be divisible by 4.

  1. Divisibility by 5

To check the divisibility by 5, the last digit of the number should be 0 or 5.

For e.g. 805

Last digit of the number should be divisible by 5. Hence this number would be divisible by 5.

  1. Divisibility by 9

To check the divisibility by 9 the sum of digits of the number should be divisible by 9.

For e.g. 9909

Sum of the digits of the number is 27 and it is divisible by 9 hence the number would be divisible by 9.

Multiplication trick for 11

Use this trick to multiply any two digit numbers with 11.

For e.g. 35 x 11


  • Take sum of the number which have to multiply by 11


  • Now the answer would be 3(8)5

35 x 11=385

Percentage values

Fractional values of percentage save much time in calculation. You can directly learn these values for fast calculation.

20 % = ⅕

33.33% = ⅓

25% = ¼

11.11% = 1/9

12.5% = ⅛

9.09% = 1/11

6.66% = 1/15

6.25% = 1/16 etc.

Square value of a number

It is quite difficult to remember the square of each number but finding the square value of any number can be easy if you use this short trick.

Steps to find square value of a number

  • Take a base value nearest to the given number.
  • Take a difference between the original number and base.
  • Add the difference to the original number.
  • Multiply the base with the number
  • Add the square value of difference with the given result.

Understand with the example of 99

  • Step 1: 99 is closer to base value 100.
  • Step 2: Take the difference= 99-100 = -1
  • Step 3: Add the difference to the original value= 99+(-1) = 98
  • Step 4: Multiply the result with base value= 98 x 100= 9800
  • Step 5: Add the square of difference= 9800+1=9801. So the answer would be= 9801.

Multiplication trick for any three digit number

Follow the steps to multiply three digits numbers.

Suppose you have to multiply 506 and 508


  • Subtract the unit digits of both the given numbers.

506-6 = 500

508-8 = 500

  • Take any number out of the two and add the unit digit of the second number to the number.

508+6 = 514

  • Multiply the numbers we got in step1 and step2

500 x 514 = 257000

  • Multiply the values of unit digits


  • Add the product of unit digits to the number.

257000 + 48= 257048

Hence the answer would be 257048.


Mastering fast calculation is not a one night process. To master the calculation, master the practice and patience. With the daily practice you will learn all these calculation skills within one month which surely help in the examination. Hope you like the tips and tricks for fast calculation. If you have any further doubts then please contact us in the comment section we will reach you out as soon as possible.

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