Tips to crack IBPS RRB PO in Just three months

Have you ever considered clearing the IBPS RRB PO or IBPS RRB Officers Scale-I Exam on your first attempt? Why not? Becoming a banker is the ideal career of every aspirant, so why not? As you may already be aware, there will be three steps to the RRB PO Exam selection process, namely the Preliminary, Main, and Interview rounds.

Therefore, if you want to pass the next IBPS RRB PO Prelims Exam with a score of 60 or more, you will need to meet several conditions, such as finishing the syllabus on time and doing a thorough amount of revision. But in addition to all of this, you will also need to use practice tests and mock exams to create the ideal test plan. Because of the limited seats, there is fierce competition for the exam.

The full form of IBPS is the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection. Candidates need to have an excellent study plan if they want to ace the exam. Candidates must concentrate more on revision, mock tests, self-analysis, learning shortcuts, enhancing speed and accuracy, and practising the previous year's question papers and sample papers with just three months till the IBPS RRB 2022 exam.

Candidates should set their goals for the exam day three months before the exam. Here are some tips on how to get ready for the IBPS RRB in three months.

Tips to crack IBPS RRB PO in Just three months

IBPS RRB Exam Pattern Officer Scale-I

IBPS Officer Scale-I, RRB 2022 (PO) has three stages to clear the exam. They are

  1. Preliminary Exam
  2. Mains Exam
  3. Interview Process

Whereas, the exam rounds for IBPS RRB Officer Scale-II & III:

  1. Mains Exam (Single Examination)
  2. Interview Process

IBPS RRB PO Officer Scale-I Prelims Exam Pattern 2022

The exam pattern for IBPS RRB is shown in the table given below-

S.No Section Question Marks Duration
1 Reasoning 40 40 45 Minutes (Total)
2 Numerical Ability 40 40  

IBPS RRB Marking Scheme

The online exam will be conducted for the IBPS RRB prelims, mains, and single-level exams. There will be only objective-type questions. The paper will be written in both Hindi and English. The marking scheme of IBPS RRB is for each incorrect answer, one-fourth of a mark will be deducted as a penalty. The main exam and single-level exam are both worth 200 marks, while the preliminary exam is worth 80 marks.

IBPS RRB Preparation Tips

Here are some helpful section-by-section preparation tips:

  • IBPS RRB Preparation Tips for Prelims Quantitative Aptitude/Numerical Ability
  • Many applicants struggle to approach the Numerical Ability/Quantitative Aptitude component of the RRB PO Exam correctly. We are aware that the QA portion contains challenging questions, but if you can prepare well and stay away from a few mistakes during the exam, you will undoubtedly receive the highest possible score.
  • Important QA subjects can assist you in improving your score with the least amount of time and effort. Prioritize those crucial subjects first, and only after you master them should you go on to others.
  • Spend more time on Number Series- Number series questions are simple to answer, so you shouldn't need more than a few seconds. And to do so, practice the questions from last year and take as many mock tests as you can.
  • Do not skip the topics you are weak in You must be proficient in each of the topics in this area. It's not a good idea to exclude subjects in which you are weak or sluggish. Give your weak subjects the time and attention they need as well because you can never be sure from which sections of the section questions will be asked.
  • Improve your accuracy in Simplification & Approximation: How soon you can solve a problem accurately is the key to simplification and approximation. You must put in a lot of practice, regularly examine your speed and accuracy, and make note of any notable changes for a good performance in the actual RRB PO exam 2021 if you want to do well.
  • Revise the basic concepts of Data Interpretation: Data interpretation questions can vary in difficulty from easy to tough. You must review all the relevant essential topics to quickly solve every question in the exam.
  • Do not guess: Even if they are unsure of the correct response, most applicants are inclined to mark the answer to every question in the RRB PO Exam. Therefore, avoid making blind guesses about the solutions.
  • Skip the tricky questions: Quadratic equations and other general arithmetic and miscellaneous problems can often be challenging. It is advised to approach questions that are simple for you and to avoid the difficult ones so that you may return to them later with a different perspective.
  • Attempt a Minimum of 30-35 Questions: Make every effort to correctly answer at least 32 to 35 questions. Regular Mock Tests should be taken, and you should try to answer at least 35 of the questions.

IBPS RRB Preparation Tips for Prelims Reasoning

A variety of topics with simple to intermediate complexity levels may be found in the reasoning segment. Learn the topics that seem easy to you, then solve them on paper rather than in your head. To succeed in this part, follow these tips:

  • Read the questions carefully: Alphanumeric and Inequality Series questions are simple yet may appear to be complicated. You need to carefully read the questions to correctly answer them.
  • Do not buy a bad book to cover Reasoning: Do not study from a book or study guide that confuses your mind. Buy M.K. Pandey's Analytical Reasoning. It could turn out to be a gold mine of reasoning for you.
  • Do not just memorize the concepts: Practice questions on seating arrangements that are circular and linear, puzzles, coding-decoding, blood relations, distance & direction, ranking, and queues are also available. From a syllogism, around 5 to 6 direct questions are often asked. Understand every idea required to answer the questions, and put it into correct practice to help you retain it.

General Tips for IBPS RRB PO 2022 Preparation

Here are some factors to keep in mind as you set up a plan to pass the next exam:

  • Recognize the curriculum and the exam pattern Carefully
  • Create a timetable and an effective approach.
  • Go through the exams from the previous year to learn the important topics and pinpoint the essential regions for the RRB PO Exam 2021 exam.
  • Make sure to leave time in your timetable for revision.
  • Utilize our articles' practical advice regularly.
  • Using Mock Tests, pinpoint your areas of weakness and gradually improve them.
  • Avoid procrastination and tension, and meet your deadlines for completing your short- and long-term goals.
  • Spend your time honing your talents rather than spending it on difficult subjects.

Take Latest IBPS RRB PO Exam 2022 Mock Tests & analyze them

Take the IBPS RRB PO 2022 Mock Tests without reluctance since they are, without a shade of a doubt, the secret to cracking the IBPS RRB PO 2022 Exam. Your talents will be strengthened, and you will see quick progress in any subjects or areas where you lack knowledge.

By supporting your learning and increasing your odds of recalling the same information later in the exam, taking mock tests does more than merely assess your knowledge. According to research, taking an exam may be more important for learning than devoting the same amount of time to studying. Take a Mock Test every day, then!

IBPS RRB PO Study Plan 2022 Prelims

Week Logical Reasoning Quantitative Aptitude
1 Coding And Decoding Simplifications

Syllogisms and Revision of the

Previous Topic + Syllogisms Quiz

Number Series + Revision of Previous Topic.
3 Blood Relations + Floor Puzzle Algebra+Number System + Mock Test
4 Inequalities + Revision Of Previous Topics Profit & Loss + Average
5 Data Sufficiency

Data Sufficiency + Problems on

Age + Revision of all the topics.

6 Ordering and ranking + Mock Test Percentages Ratio & Proportion

Double Lineup + Revision of all the

topics from the last revision.

Time Speed & Distance+Time &

Work Work Efficiency

8 Scheduling + Verbal Reasoning Data Interpretation+Pipe & Cistern
9 Circular Seating Arrangement

Simple & Compound Interest + Revision

of all the topics covered after the last revision.

10 Linear Seating Arrangement

Basic Selection & Arrangement

Problems + Basic Problems of Probability


Arrangement & Pattern + Revision of all

topics covered from the last revision

Mixtures & Alligations Mensuration
12 Direction and Distance + Test Series Boat & River, Problems on Train + Test Series

IBPS RRB PO Study Plan 2022 Mains

The following study plan is a 3-month plan that is then separated into a monthly schedule where the candidates are given subjects to finish in the allotted period, providing them plenty of time to study:

Half month Topics

General Awareness English/Hindi Language (Reading

Comprehension)+ General Knowledge/Static Awareness + Revision


General Awareness English/Hindi Language (Error

Spotting & Phrase Replacement)+Financial/Banking Awareness+Revision


General Awareness English/Hindi Language(Fill in the

Blanks/Sentence Completion/Para Completion + Para

Jumbles/Sentence Jumble/Odd Sentence Out) +Revision


General Awareness +English/Hindi Language (Para

Jumbles/Sentence Jumble/Odd Sentence Out)+Quantitative

Aptitude +Revision


General Awareness +English/Hindi Language( Word

Association Pair) + Logic Reasoning + Revision


General Awareness + English/Hindi Language + Computer

Awareness (Online Course) + Test Series

IBPS RRB PO 2022 Books

The following books for IBPS RRB PO include both the concepts and questions from the preliminary and main exams, therefore students should consider them:

Topic Name of Book Author Publisher
Quantitative Aptitude SmartBook by Testbook Testbook S. Chand
Quantitative Aptitude

Magical Book on Quicker


M Tyra BSC Publication
Logical Reasoning Analytical Reasoning MK Pandey BSC Publication
English Language Objective General English S P Bakshi Arihant Publication

Computer Knowledge /

Computer Awareness

Computer Awareness Arihant Publication Arihant Publication


Make it a habit to practice by writing down your answers rather than attempting to memorise them as most people do, writing is more beneficial. Do not postpone things until the next week because the study schedule is made so that it will not strain or stress the aspirants.

You will only learn by taking more tests and quizzes. Always take pauses, and try not to study for long periods because this will make your mindset inflexible and make you frustrated. Follow all these tips and you will able to crack IBPS RRB PO in Just three months

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q1.Are 3 months enough to crack IBPS PO?

Ans. Many candidates have this question in mind. The answer is "yes" if you're unsure about your ability to pass the exam in three months. For the IBPS PO aptitude test, you must be skilled at answering questions based on ideas.

Q2.Which bank PO salary is the highest?

Ans. Basic salary of Rs. 55000 per month. The annual gross salary ranges from Rs. 13.08 lakhs (the most) to Rs. 8.20 lakhs (the least). Along with base salary, SBI probationary officers are also liable for lease rental/ HRA, DA, medical, CCA, and other benefits.

Q3.Is it possible to crack RRB PO?

Ans. Yes, by following certain essential tips and strategies, it is possible to pass the RRB PO exam on your first attempt.

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