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Tips to Solve Physics Numerical for NEET

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Physics is the most challenging subject for NEET aspirants. Almost every NEET aspirant finds it difficult to solve physics numerical. But from today solving physics numericals will not haunt you because in this blog you will get the best tips and tricks to solve physics problems faster.

NTA conducts the NEET examination every year for aspirants who want to get admission into top medical institutes in India. It consists mainly of three subjects i.e Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The Physics section consists of 45 multiple choice questions asked to check the aptitude and problem solving skills of the candidate.

Out of the other two sections, physics is the most challenging section for NEET aspirants. Due to a lack of proper strategy and irrelevant practice, aspirants fail to score marks in the NEET examination. In this article, we will provide you with a complete roadmap to solve the physics numerical fastly.

Important tip- To master any subject or topic, master the foundation. So if you want to score high marks in NEET physics then start with foundation books i.e. NCERT. Understand the basic concepts of topics and make important short notes using mind mapping techniques because more than 60% of NEET physics is asked from NCERT. After NCERT you can start solving previous year questions and other other advanced books.

Tips to solve physics Numerical for NEET

These are some important topics from which questions are asked every year. You can get a brief idea about the chapters so that you can prepare them first. Chapters Number of Questions
1. Mechanics 12
2. Heat and thermodynamics 4-5
3. Electrostatics and electricity 11
4. SHM and waves 3
5. Magnetism 7
6. Modern physics and electronics 8
7. Optics 4

The table above depicts the chapters and their weightage in the examination on the basis of last 10 years previous year question paper.

Tips and tricks to solve the physics numericals fastly

  • Read the questions carefully

When you come across the physics section, start reading the question carefully and try to understand the concept with attentive mind. While first reading you will get an idea whether this question belongs to you or not. If you feel confident with the question then move ahead with a solution, if not then it's better to skip the question.

  • Approach the questions with short methods

More than 50 percent of numericals are tricky, based on direct formula and short tricks. Attempting these questions not only saves your time but also gives you a sense of confidence of attempting a 50% question paper. Try to learn the different tricks and short methods to attempt a question paper.

How can I learn the tricks and short methods?

If you have joined any coaching institute then you will learn all the tricks and shortcuts from there but if you are someone who doesn't have access to materials and want to learn the tips and tricks for solving NEET physics numericals then check these important physics formulas.

  • Elimination technique

Elimination technique helps you to solve the question without any pen and paper. In this technique instead of solving the whole question you eliminate the wrong answers by manipulating the values and digits. This is also one of the best techniques that you should learn and must implement while solving the question. You can develop the elimination skills with practice.

  • Solve the question paper in three steps

Try to solve the question paper in three steps. In the first step, solve only those questions which you can solve easily in which you don't need to pick pen and paper. In the second step solve those questions of which you feel confident and in the third step solve those skipped questions in which you don't know the answer.

  • Previous year paper importance

Solve previous year papers for physics as many by implementing the tips and tricks discussed above. While approaching the previous year numerical try different methods and tricks to solve the same question. Believe me this will enhance your aptitude skill to approach the question.

  • Analysis of mock test

Analysis of mock tests is something that pulls you from a low scorer to push you to a high score. Many aspirants neglect the importance of analysis of mock tests. After giving a mock test, take a detailed analysis and note down your strengths and weaknesses. Make proper strategy for your weak sections and work on it. Try different short approaches for already attempted questions. Many toppers admitted that they were not sure about their selection but proper mock analysis made them stand among front runners.


In this article we have provided you with the best tips and tricks to solve physics numericals, but one thing you have to keep in mind is that solving questions rapidly is not a one night process. You need to practice more and more and that is the best way to solve the question faster. Hope this will help you to score excellent marks in NEET physics. If you have any queries then feel free to ask in the comment section.

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