The Ultimate Guide to Use Physics Wallah App

Don’t know how to access India’s most loved learning platform Physics Wallah Application? Know everything about step-by-step guide for live interactive classes, instant one-on-one doubt resolution program(Saarthi), and free study material.

The Ultimate Guide to Use Physics Wallah App

Physics Wallah’s growth can’t be obscured in recent years. The journey from a youtube channel to a unicorn company with the vision of providing quality education has struck the students' minds.

Physics Wallah takes education and students' future very carefully in the era of considering education as more of a business. For better communication with the students, we’ve also launched the Physics Wallah app to make the studies easier for the students.

Students are facing queries regarding the use of the Physics Wallah app. So here’s the step-by-step guide to using the Physics Wallah app and other features.

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Application Name Physics Wallah App
Known as PW App
App Support Platform Android
Size of App 43 MB
APK Version 13.7
Official website

What is Physics Wallah?

Introduced by Mr. Alakh Pandey, Physics Wallah is an ed-tech platform for IIT, JEE, NEET, and Board students. He aims to provide quality education at a minimum or free cost, so students don’t have to leave their studies due to financial crises.

Through the app and the website, you can easily access the free study material, MCQs, formulas, sample papers, previous years' question papers, etc. They’re continuously increasing the bar of the quality level of education by providing most of the resources to the students at one point and providing a better environment for learning.

Why Physics Wallah

Live/offline sessions

Learning is the foremost step in achieving any dream. These learning platforms have changed the conventional process of education.

You can go with live sessions and if you have missed any classes, you could easily take the recorded sessions.

Doubt solving sessions

We also provide doubt solving sessions for students to guide them through any query they have. We aim to provide a better environment for the students to ask their doubts easily.

Structured study material

The study material is given in a structured and easily accessible format. You can not access them for free but also read them online as well as in offline form. Here’s a list of all the resources available on the website and the app of Physics Wallah.

  • Test series
  • Student Library
  • Sample Papers
  • Previous Year’s Question Paper
  • NCERT Solutions
  • Notes for Classes
  • Worksheets
  • Formula Lists
  • Mock Tests
  • MCQs
  • Syllabus of various examinations

Step-by-step guide to download Physics Wallah app

  1. Visit the google play app and click on the search button
  2. Type “Physics Wallah app” and click enter
  3. After downloading, open the app and you’ll find other options
  4. Click on new user and enter your name and email address
  5. Click on the submit button, and now your id is successfully created
  6. Now you can easily use the app anytime

How to use Physics Wallah app

After successfully downloading you’ll find several options:

1. Batches

Batches Information

In this section, all the batches are mentioned, whether for IIT JEE, NEET, crash courses, or even free courses for students.

The E-learning platform offers various batches per the needs of the students. For example, if you’ve just cleared your class 10 board examination, you can go with Maths, Biology or even commerce subjects.

For the concerning students who are not sure which stream to choose, you can easily take demo sessions for any classes for your reference. The batches include all the classes from 6th to 12th, with preparation batches in multiple languages.

2. Saarthi

Saarthi Image

A new service launched by PW is that now you can easily ask your doubts mentor whether it is study related or not.

It will provide you with your planner and a mentor who will guide you with the best techniques possible. Your parents will also have a meeting with the mentors where they can discuss the concerns they have regarding the progress you made.

3. Library

Student Library

This PW Library consists of all the handwritten notes for each class and chapters for the students.

One of the benefits of using physics wallah is that you can easily access all the study materials in the document and in handwritten pdf format. You just need to visit the website/app to access all the study materials.

4. Test series

Test Series

Those who are concerned about their studies can check their performance with the test series. Test series are an excellent way to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses.

For example, if you take the NDA ABHYAAS 2.0 Test Series, you’ll get more than 10 Test papers to solve.

It’ll also enlighten your performance and all the improvements you need to make.

5. Study material

Study Material

Study materials are an essential part of preparation. Without it, you’ll not start with your preparation. If you wish to access reference material like RD Sharma or HC Verma, you can easily access them on the website.

PW Study material is the best option for students who wish to access the complete material by purchasing it. Here, you can easily buy the material at a lower price and with the best material.


BookMark Information

After reading the material and solving the problems, you can easily bookmark them for your future reference.

It is a new feature in which you can lock the series or videos for the revision period and that with course-wise. They will not mix up with each other.

How is Physics Wallah cost efficient

To answer that question, yes, Physics Wallah is very cost-efficient. Most of the material provided is free of cost, and the prices of the batches are also comparatively lower than other websites.

For all the study material, including notes, NCERT Solutions, Mock tests, Sample Papers, Previous year’s question papers, Reference book solutions, Formula lists, syllabus, full form pages, FAQs, question answers, some of the lectures, etc., you need not pay any amount and are easily accessible to all the students.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How to contact Physics Wallah?

Ans. You can easily connect with them through mail at, or you can contact them at 07019243492.

Q2. How do I share my referral code?

Ans. Click on the refer & earn bar and the share button.

Q3. What can I buy using Physics Wallah money?

Ans. Physics Wallah money can be used during the batch purchase.

Q4. What is the rating of the Physics Wallah app?

Ans. At present, the rating of the Physics Wallah app is 4.7 on the google play store.

Q5. How to enroll in the Physics Wallah courses?

Ans. First, go to the Physics Wallah app, click on the batches, select the batch, click on the option buy now, fill out all the required details, and complete the process with the payment.

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