Subjective Questions For Judiciary

Judiciary of Class 8

Subjectives Questions

  1. In what ways can the work of judiciary be divided?
  2. When was the Supreme Court of India established?
  3. Who presides over the Supreme Court?
  4. Which states share a common High Court?
  5. What is a PIL?
  6. What is dispute resolution?
  7. What is judicial review?
  8. With reference to independence of judiciary what does the separation of powers mean?
  9. What are subordinate courts?At which level do they work?
  10. By which different names are the subordinate courts known?
  11. Public Interest Litigation was used to secure justice on a large number of issues. Name two of them.
  12. There are certain judgements that people believe work against the best interests of the common person. Give one example of it.
  13. In India, we have an integrated judicial system. What does it mean?
  14. Why was the Public Interest Litigation introduced by the Supreme Court?
  15. Write the difference between criminal law and civil law.
  16. How do you think the Right to Constitutional Remedies connects to the idea of judicial review?
  17. Why do you think an independent judiciary is necessary to carry out the important function of ‘upholding the law and Enforcing Fundamental Rights'?
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