Subjective Questions of Land, Soil, Water, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife Resources

Land, Soil, Water, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife Resources of Class 8

Subjective Questions

  1. What are natural resources?
  2. Name three factors influencing the land use pattern .
  3. What is meant by wildlife?
  4. What is humus and why is it useful for soil?
  5. List three factors responsible for soil erosion .
  6. Name two factors that influence plant growth.
  7. In what way we can check soil erosion from wind action in a dry region?
  8. Give some uses of water.
  9. Why is all the water available not fit for human use?
  10. Explain how soil erosion can be prevented.
  11. Describe the factors that influence land use pattern .
  12. What do you mean by land use? State five ways in which land can be used.
  13. What are the Physical & Human factors responsible for destruction of soil?
  14. Name two steps that government has taken to conserve plants and animals
  15. Suggest three ways to conserve plant and wild life.
  16. How can we improve the quality of Water?
  17. What is the importance of soil? State the factors that govern the formation of soil?
  18. Why is the distribution of water resource uneven in the world? What are the problems or reasons of water pollution?
  19. What are the types of forests?
  20. What are the factors responsible for soil degradation? How can we conserve it?
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