Subjective Questions of Tribals, Dikus and the vision of the golden age

Tribals Dikus and the vision of a golden age of Class 8

Subjectives Questions

  1. Why people believed that Birsa was bhagwan (God)?
  2. Why tribals didn't like outsiders?
  3. Why Birsa against missionaries and Hindu landlords?
  4. In which areas shifting cultivators were found?
  5. Why the Khonds collected the seeds of the sal and mahua?
  6. Why the Baigas were reluctant to do work for others?
  7. Name a few tribal groups who lived by herding and rearing animals?
  8. Why the British were uncomfortable with groups who did not have a fixed home?
  9. Why the Santhals and Oraons didn't like the British rule?
  10. Write few characteristics of the tribal societies?
  11. Write the features of a tribal group which lived by hunting animals and gathering forest produce.
  12. What made tribal groups dependent on traders and moneylenders?
  13. What was the dream of Birsa Munda?
  14. How the tribals were forced to leave shifting cultivation?
  15. What made tribals to work in the tea plantation and the coal mines?
  16. How Forest law affected the life of tribals?
  17. What was the impact of colonial rule on tribal life?
  18. Write in brief the living patterns of tribes .
  19. Why tribals revolted against British?
  20. What was the significance of the movement started by Birsa Munda?
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