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Avogadro's Number

Chemistry Formulas

About Avogadros Number

The total number of units in one mole of any substance is called Avogadro’s number or Avogadro’s constant. It is equal to 6.022140857×1023 and this number is really a huge. In the below mentioned pdf we have given lot of examples to give you brief idea about how big one mole is. And the units may be electrons, ions, atoms, or molecules, depending on the character of the reaction and the nature of the substance. For More Chemistry Formulas check out Main page of Physics Wallah.

Avogadros Number  HYPOTHESIS

Equal volumes of all gases under similar conditions of temperature and pressure contains equal number of molecules.

Applications of Avogadro’s law

  • In the calculation of atomicity of elementary gases.
  • To find the relationship between molecular weight and vapour density of a gas.
  • To find the relationship between weight and volume of a gas.Molecular weight = Weight of 22.4 L of the gas at STP

Avogadros Number

Avogadro's Number

Find below Pdf of Av​ogadro's Number

Avogadro's Number

Avogadro's Number

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