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Calcium Bromide Formula

Chemistry Formulas

The Calcium Bromide formula, also known as the Calcium Dibromide formula or Calcium Bromatum formula is described in this article. Calcium Bromide is made up of one calcium atom and two bromine atoms. The chemical formula or molecular formula of Calcium Bromide is CaBr2.

In its anhydrous form, the anhydrous is a hygroscopic colorless crystal that have a sharp saline taste. It is soluble in both alcohol and water. It is produced by the reaction of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and calcium oxide with hydrobromic acid (HBr). Or it is made by reacting with calcium iron with elemental bromine. It is widely used as a liquid solution for drilling fluids. Also, it has extensive functions such as neuroses, food preservatives, refrigeration compounds, fire retardants, and photography.

Calcium Bromide Formula

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