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Chemistry formula & Reactions for class 12 chapter- Amine

Chemistry Formulas

Class 12 chapter- Amine

  • Amines : They are considered as amino derivatives of hydrocarbons or alkyl derivatives of ammonia. In these compounds, one, two or three hydrogen atoms are replaced by alkyl pr aryl groups. Aliphatic amino compounds are called amino alkanes and aromatic amines are called amino arenes, e.g., CH3NH2 (methanamine), C2H5NH2 (ethanamine), C6H5NH2 (benzenamine).
  • Among aliphatic amines the other of basic strength is
  1. R3N < RNH2 < R2NH in aqueous solution
  2. RNH2 < R2NH < R3N in acetic acid or chlorobenzene as solvent or in gaseous state.
  • amine

o-substituted amines are usually weaker bases than aniline irrespective of nature of substituents, i.e., electron withdrawing or releasing group due to ortho effect which is due to steric hindrance.

  • Amines can be separated by Hinsberg method using C6H5SO2 Cl or by Hofmanns method using hinsberg method (diethyl oxalate) which forms solid product with RNH2, liquid product with 2° amine and does not react with 3° amine.
  • The Schiff’s base formed by reaction of 1° amines with aldehydes are also called anils.
  • Amines having chiral ‘N’ -atom cannot be resoloved into enantiomeric forms because of rapid among flipping of one enantiomeric form into another.
  • 2° amine react with HNO2 forms nitrosoamine which on treatment with phenol and few drops of conc. H2SO4 forms green coloured solution.
  • This on treatment with aq. NaOH forms blue coloured solution which on dilution turns red.
  • This is test for 2° amine and called Liebermann’s nitroso reaction.
  • Nitrosoamines are carcinogens (cancenr causing)
  • Sulphanilic acid exists as zwitter ion, therefore, it is amphoteric in nature.
  • Aryl diazonium salts are more stable than alkyl diazonium salts.
  • In aromatic amines (C6H5)3N < (C6H5)2NH < C6H5NH2 < NH3 because phenyl group is electron withdrawing.

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Chemistry formula & Reactions for class 12 chapter- Amine

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