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Hydrobromic Acid Formula

Chemistry Formulas

The hydrobromic Acid formula, also known as the Hydrogen bromide formula is given in this article. It is a diatomic molecule that contains a single covalent bond between hydrogen and bromine atoms. It is a very strong acid as the covalent bond can be easily ionized due to the high electronegativity of the Bromine atom. It is, therefore, stronger than hydrochloric acid. The chemical or molecular formula of Hydrobromic Acid is HBr.

In its anhydrous form, it appears to be colorless gas and its fumes have a pungent disturbing odor. It is colorless in its anhydrous form. By its aqueous form, it appears as a yellowish-yellow liquid that is faint and has an acrid odor. It is corrosive and a strong mineral acid. It is obtained by dissolving a diatomic molecule i.e. hydrogen bromide in water.

Hydrobromic Acid Formula

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