Sodium Nitride formula

Sep 21, 2022, 16:45 IST

Sodium nitride formula is explained in this article. It's an inorganic compound that is a highly unstable alkali metal nitride. It's obtained by uniting atomic beams of nitrogen and sodium deposited on a low-temperature substrate of sapphire. It is having the ability to readily decompose into its elements. The molecular formula of Sodium Nitride is Na3N.At room temperature, it's almost 90% ionic and the bandgap is that of a typical for a semiconductor. It has an anti-ReO structure consisting of the simple lattice that is made up of NNa octahedra. The N-Na bond length is 236.6 pm. The structural conformation is recorded through X-ray diffraction. The color of the compound seems reddish-brown to dark blue and it depends on its synthesis process. It doesn't have a melting point.

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