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Zinc Sulfide Formula

Chemistry Formulas

Zinc Sulfide formula, also referred as Zincblende formula or Wurtzite formula is discussed in this article. The structure of Zincblende is easy and consists of the zinc metal-sulfur atom connected to each other via a polar covalent bond. The molecular formula of Zinc Sulfide is ZnS.

It is obtained as a white or yellowish-white crystal. The sphalerite occurs as a greyish white crystal. ZnS which is insoluble in water as well as denser than water. Naturally, it occurs as the mineral zinc blende which is also called as sphalerite. It's a mixture of zinc sulfide and iron. ZnS can be synthesized by the combustion of a mixture of sulfur and zinc. Zinc sulfate is reacted with sodium sulfide, or hydrogen sulfide gas is passed through any Zn2+ solution which it precipitates the insoluble ZnS. Due to its luminescent property, it has wide applications.

Zinc Sulfide Formula

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