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This page consists of important questions based on previous year CLAT English exam. Do solve all the questions and use as reference solutions given in the sheet. For more CLAT English Question check out parent Page.

CLAT English Worksheet-1 With detail solutions

Directions (Q. Nos. 1-8) Select the best option from the four alternatives given below and shade the appropriate answer in the space provided for it in the OMR answer sheet.

1.      The present generation takes a certain pride in relating to prevalent ideas of Americanism; in the fact that as a collectivity it takes pride in the fact that it never ______ its troubles with inherited traditions and procured rights and then there these blind _______ of puzzled souls who consciously or unconsciously seek to be inducted into this culture.

         (a) Divides, followings                        (b)                  Complicates, groping 

         (c) Discusses, assurance                     (d)                  Mixes, affirmation

1.      (b)

         Considering the first blank (a), (b) cannot be the answer. The writer intends to put across an irony or contradiction. He says that a majority of people are convinced with the idea of Americanism and the puzzles souls- those who cannot fundamentally associate themselves to the idea seem to him like blind people. Hence the usage of groping. Correct answer is (b).

2.      The rocket . . . . . the target and did not cause any casualty.

         (a) sensed           (b)                       reached              (c) missed (d)     exploded

2.      (c)


3.      He has served the country by . . . . . many significant positions.

         (a) appointing     (b)                       creating              (c) developing     (d)     holding

3.      (d)


4.      Any increase in population beyond a certain limit requires greater ------- vegetable foods; thus, the ability of a society to choose meat over vegetable always starts, in part, from ------ the number of people.

         (a) Recourse to, Limiting                    (b)                  Access to, expanding

         (c) Focus on, increasing                      (d)                  Stress on, advancing

4.      (a)

         When a society starts choosing meat over vegetables food becomes limited because they are at a lower level in the food chain that population is constraint. Hence option (a).


5.      I finally . . . . . her to stay another day.

         (a) advised          (b)                       persuaded          (c) suggested      (d)     called

5.      (b)


6.      Ethical considerations can only legitimately appear when the truth has been _________: they can and should appear as determining our feeling towards the truth, and our manner of ordering our lives in view of the truth, but not as themselves ________ what the truth is to be.

         (a) Confirmed, establishing           (b)                       Ascertained, dictating

         (c) Determined, proclaiming         (d)                       Found, confirming

6.      (b)

         First blank can be filled by any of the options and are of the same nature .i.e all of them imply similar ideas. The writer wants to define the role of ethics in forming perception. Ethics should help interpret the truth but not to determine it.


7.      I would rather stay indoors . . . . . the rain stops.

         (a) so                   (b)                       waiting               (c) until      (d)     usually

7.      (c)


8.      All those who, endowed with a capacity to experience ______ an internal passion for higher goals, become capable of perceiving unreality in quotidian objectives of daily life, experience a loss of sync with the outer world in which the world’s _____ is lost.

         (a) Feeling, grasp                           (b)                       Recognizing, affirmation

         (c) Absorption in, solidity                   (d)                  Dissolution in, flicker

8.      (c)

         Try to fill the second blank first. Understanding the context of the sentence we can say that the options (b) and (d) can be ignored. This leaves us with options (a) and (c). Option (c) is closer to the meaning implied in the sentence and hence C is the right answer.

1-8.   English Proficiency - Fill in the blanks – Medium

Directions (Q. Nos. 9-14). The sentences given in each question, when properly sequenced, form a coherent paragraph. Each sentence is labelled with a letter. Choose the most logical order of sentences from among the given choices to construct a coherent paragraph. Shade the appropriate answer in the space provided for it in the OMR sheet.

9.      A. But the last decade has witnessed greater voting and political participation by various privileged sections.

         B. If one goes by the earlier record of mid-term elections, it is likely that the turnout in 1998 will drop by anything between four and six percentage points over the already low polling of 58 percent in 1996.

         C. If this trend offsets the mid-term poll fatigue, the fall may not be so steep.
D. Notwithstanding a good deal of speculation on this issue it is still not clear as to who benefits from a lower turnout.

         (a) BACD              (b)                       ABCD                  (c) DBAC     (d)     CBDA

9.      (a)

         Statement B is the opening sentence as it tells about the history. Statement A comes next which comes to the last 10 years (decade). Statement C should follow A telling the results of this kind of polling. Statement D comes last as it tells about what can happen which should follow only after option C.

10.    A. Trivial pursuits marketed by the Congress is a game imported from Italy.

B. The idea is to create an imaginary savior in times of crisis so that the party doesn’t fall flat on its collective face.

         C. Closest contenders are Mani Shankar Aiyar who still hears His Master’s Voice and V. George who is frustrated by the fact that his political future remains Sonia and yet so far.
D. The current champion is Arjun for whom all roads lead to Rome or in this case 10 Janpath.

         (a) ABDC              (b)                       ABCD                  (c) DCBA     (d)     CDBA

10.    (a)

         This paragraph talks about the congress and its tricks. Statement A should start the paragraph, it tells about the basic pursuits used by congress. Statement B seems to be the right one and comes after statement A. Statement D talks about the current winner and then statement C which talks about the various others in the line.


11.    A: He became an artist, whose art underlines his love for the discipline.

         B: Kino is a German word for theatre.

         C: In his multi-layered works that make up his latest exhibition “Kino is the name of a forest” at Vadehra Art Gallery, cinema forms an important element.

         D: He wanted to be a filmmaker but he couldn’t become one.

         (a) DABC              (b)                       ADBC                  (c) BCAD     (d)     ABCD

11.    (a)

         DA is a mandatory pair. D talks about what the person wanted to become while A talks of what he had become instead. C cannot be logically place before A. Thus, option (1) is the correct answer.


12.    A: Criticisms actually transform us.

         B: Be open to it and be prepared.

         C: Life is an ongoing learning process.

         D: It is very important that we have an honest and total awareness of ourselves.

         (a) ABCD              (b)                       CDAB                  (c) CABD     (d)     DACB

12.    (d)

         The ‘it’ in B refers to the ‘life’ in C. So, C, B is a mandatory pair which is given in only one of the options. Therefore, the correct answer is given by option (d).


13.    A: A human bone was found in the ‘nannangadi.'

         B: The Nanangadi is about one metre height and its brim had a diameter of about 12 inches.

         C: Two small pots looked like coconut and a bowl having a diameter of about eight inches were placed near the urn.

         D: The top of the urn was covered with a round shaped stone slab.

         (a) ACDB              (b)                       BDCA                  (c) ADCB     (d)     ACBD

13.    (b)

         B and D both talk about the dimension of the artifact. As the proper noun is given in B, BD is the mandatory pair. A will come in the end as all the other sentences talk about the outside or visible aspect of the urn while A talks about what was found inside it. Thus, option (b) gives the correct answer.


14.    A: It was said that more people had heard about him than about Canada.

         B: Who most deserves Paradise?

         C: Leacock has roused enough laughter to deserve Paradise himself.

         D: Only those who make others laugh, says Stephen Leacock, English-born, but Canada’s first and foremost humorist.

         (a) BDAC              (b)                       CDAB                  (c) CBDA     (d)     CABD

14.    (a)

         B is a question which is answered by D. So, BD is a mandatory pair. C cannot come before D as D has the full name of Leacock. Thus, option (a) is the correct answer.

9-14. English Proficiency - Sentence Re-arrangement – Medium


Direction (Q.No. 15 – 20) :  In the following questions, four alternatives are given for the idioms / phrases. Choose the one which best express the meaning of the given idioms / phrases.


15.    To put two and two together

         (a) to bear the brunt of                      (b)                  to conclude from obvious fact

         (c) to put off                                  (d)                       to put on a false appearance

15.    (b)


16.    To leave no stone unturned

         (a) to keep clean and tidy                  (b)                  to try utmost

         (c) to work enthusiastically           (d)                       to change the things

16.    (b)


17.    To meet one's Waterloo

         (a) to meet a strong adversary      (b)                       to meet with humiliation

         (c) to die fighting                                                      (d)     to meet one's final defeat

17.    (d)


18.    His wit's end

         (a) finished         (b) confused       (c) comedy         (d) very intelligent

18.    (b)


19.    To burn one's fingers

         (a) to get injured in an accident    (b)                       to pay a heavy price

         (c) to suffer from meddling in something                (d)     to get a burn injury on the hands

19.    (c)


20.    To fight tooth and nail

         (a) to fight a losing battle              (b)                       to fight heroically

         (c) to make every possible effort to win                  (d)     to fight cowardly

20.    (c)

15-20.   English Proficiency - idioms & phrases – Medium


Directions (Q - 21 to 29) : Analyze the following passage and provide an appropriate answer for the questions that follow:


         It is difficult to compare countries because various factors such as size, culture, history, geography, natural endowments, geopolitical and internal polity comes into play. There are some goals which can be achieved by smaller countries; but sometimes smaller countries find is difficult to embark upon certain big technological plans even if they have the funds, because the size of the domestic market is too small. If we consider the bigger countries, the closest comparison to Indian is China, though there are many crucial differences.


         The Chinese vision is to prepare the country for entry into the ranks of mid level developed nations by the middle of the twenty-first century. Acceleration of the nation’s economic growth and social development by relying on advances in science and technology is pivotal in this.


         Documents describing the Chinese vision state that science and technology constitute premier productive forces and represent a great revolutionary power that can propel economic and social development. It is interesting to note that the main lessons the Chinese have drawn from their past performance is their failure to promote science and technology as strategic tools for empowerment. They also point to the absence of mechanisms and motivations in their economic activity to promote dependence on science, and technology. Similarly, they hold that their scientific and technological efforts were not oriented towards economic growth. As a consequence, they conclude, a large number of scientific and technological achievements were not converted into productive forces as they were too far removed from China’s immediate economic and social needs. The Chinese vision is therefore aimed at exploiting state-of-art science and technology to enhance the nation’s overall power and strength, to improve the people’s living standards, to focus on resolving problems encountered in large-scale industrial and agricultural production and to effectively control and alleviate pressures brought on by population, resources and the environment.” By the year 2000, China had aimed at bringing the main industrial sectors upto the technological levels achieved by the developed countries in the 1970s or 80s and 2020 to the level they would have attained by the early twenty-first century. The aim is of bridge the overall gap with the advanced world. The aim to bridge the overall gap with the advanced world. There is a special emphasis on research and development of high technologies that would find defense applications. Some of these technologies are critical for improving the features of key conventional weapons. Some technologies are meant for enhancing future military capabilities. Other efforts are aimed at maintaining the momentum to develop capabilities for cutting-edge defence technologies. They call for unremitting efforts in this regard with the arrange maintaining effective self defence and nuclear deterrent capabilities and to enable parity in defence, science and technology with the advanced world.


21.    Comparison between two countries becomes difficult because

         (A) the countries differ in their internal political systems.

         (B) each country has it’s own culture and natural resources which differ from those of others.

         (C) the countries with homogeneous backgrounds are many in number.

         (a) (A) only                                    (b) (B) only

         (c) (A) and (B) only                                                    (d) All the three (A), (B) and (C)

21.    (c)


22.    What can’t smaller countries take up big technological planning?

         (a) They have other goals to achieve                      

         (b) They have smaller domestic market size

         (c) Smaller countries lack technological know-how

         (d) Bigger countries do not permit them to do so

22.    (b)


23.    What is the goal of China to be accomplished by the middle of 21st century?

         (a) To become one of the most developed nations

         (b) To surpass the level of all middle level developed nations by a good margin

         (c) To be the most influential super power

         (d) None of the above

23.    (d)


24.    What according to the Chinese vision can boost socio-economic development?

         (a) Science and Technology          (b) Minds united with revolutionary powers

         (b) Premier productive forces      (d) A vision which propels development

24.    (a)


25.    Which of the following have the Chinese identified as their pitfall(s) from their past?

         (A) Lack of orientation of science and technology towards economic growth

         (B) Lack of mechanisms in their economic activities to promote use of science and technology

         (C) Neglect of science and technology as a strategic measure of empowerment

         (a) (A) and (B) only                            (b) (B) and (C) only

         (c) (A) and (C) only                                                    (d) All the three (A), (B) and (C)

25.    (d)


26.    The scientific and technological accomplishments of China could

         (a) remain dysfunctional

         (b) be transformed into productive forces

         (c) be utilized for motivating economic activities

         (d) None of above

26.    (d)


27.    Which of the following is/are the expected result/s of China’s new visions?

         (A) To augment peoples’ standard of living.

         (B) To tackle effectively brought on by the population.

         (C) To utilize modern technology for bringing the latent power under control.

         (a) (A) and (B) only                            (b) (B) and (C) only

         (c) (A) and (C) only                             (d) All the three (A), (B) and (C)

27.    (a)


28.    What according to the passage is the gap in terms of number of years between the targeted developments in China and in other developed countries?

         (a) 5-10 years                                     (b) 20-30 years

         (c) 40-50 years                              (d) More than 50 years

28.    (b)


29.    Which of the following is the essence of the contents of the passage?

         (a) Enormous population of the country can be positively utilized for developments

         (b) Scientific and technological principles may not necessarily be instrumental in economic growth

         (c) Harmonious development of a country can take place even in the absence of technology up-gradation

         (d) Economic growth needs to be driven by science and technology

29.    (d)


21-29.   English Comprehension – Medium


Directions (Q. No. 30 to 34) : Chose the correct synonym out of the four choices given.


30.    GENIAL

         (a) Generous             (b)  Wonderful  (c) Liberal                (d)  Friendly and cheerful

30.     (d)



         (a) Fleshy                   (b)  Thin         (c)     Stout                     (d)  Bony

31.     (a)

         CORPULENT (adjective) : (of a person) fat, stout, portly, obese, plump, fleshy

         “Cleopatra was said to be rather corpulent by today's standards of beauty.”



32.    REVAMP

         (a) Retreat               (b)  Reconstruct (c) Retrial                (d)  Retrace

32.     (b) 


33.    RESCIND

         (a) Reunite                (b)  Repeal     (c)     Reserve                (d)  Reproach

33.     (b)

         RESCIND (Revoke, cancel, or repeal verb): (a law, order, or agreement)

         “The government eventually rescinded the directive.”



         (a) Wonderful            (b)  Dazzling  (c)     Beautiful               (d)  Respectful

34.     (b)


30-34.              English Vocabulary – Synonyms – medium


Directions: In question 35 to 40, some of the sentences have errors and some have none. Find out which part of (A) or (B) or (C) of a sentence has an error. If there is no error, mark your answer as (D).       


35.    He is writing (A)/ for the (B)/ past four hours. (C)/ No error. (D)

35.    (a)


36.    He was is such hurry (A)/ that he did not (B)/ wait for me (C)/ No error. (D)

36.    (a)


37.    He was sure (A)/ that he should (B)/ win the prize. (C)/ No error. (D)

37.    (b)


38.    Had I (A)/ know it earlier (B)/ I would have contacted you. (C)/ No error. (D)

38.    (b)


39.    I am thinking (A)/ to go to Agra (B)/ for my cousin's marriage. (C)/ No error (D).

39.    (b)


40.    You must (A)/ remember me (B)/ to post this letter. (C)/ No error (D). Directions: In questions 11 to 20, sentences are given with blanks to be filled in with an appropriate word(s). Four alternatives are suggested for each question.

40.    (b)


35-40.        English Usage Errors – Spotting Errors – Easy


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