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This page consists of important questions based on previous year CLAT English exam. Do solve all the questions and use as reference solutions given in the sheet. For more CLAT English Question check out parent Page.

CLAT English Worksheet-7 With detail solutions

Directions : (Q. 1 to 5): Each sentence below has one or two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Beneath the sentence are four numbered (a), (b), (c), and (d) words or sets of words. Choose the word or set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence of a whole.


1.         The Tata Group will need all its considerable management ____ and ___ to manage tough challenges ahead after taking over Corus Steel.

            (a) Skills……interests                                     (b) Knowledge……manpower

            (c) Acumen……onus                                      (d) Experience……brand equity

1.         (b)


2.         Form sometimes how,___ has been presumed not to exist: the cynical conviction that everybody has an angle is considered wisdom.

            (a) Diffidence                                                  (b) Disinterestednes

            (c) Rationality                                                  (D) Flexibility

2.         (c)


3.         In summary, India’s ____ story is one of innovation around technology using its strengths in knowledge and the ___ ability of its people.

            (a) Growth……entrepreneurial                       (b) Development……hidden

            (c) Democratic……entrepreneurial                (d) Age old……hard-working

3.         (a)


4.         As India continues to grown and ___ the rest of the world will watch with growing respect as this fascinating, dynamic, ingenious nation strides forward to realize its___

            (a) Evolve…full potential                                (b) Develop…hidden treasure           

            (c) Rise…natural                                             (d) Move forward…strengths

4.         (a)


5.         It comes an no surprise that societies have a code of behaviour, the character of the codes, on the other hand, can often be ___

            (a) Admirable                                                  (b) Explicit

            (c) Unexpected                                               (d) Confusing 

5.         (b)

1-5.      Grammar - Fill in the Blanks – Medium


Direction (Q. No. 6 – 10) : Select the spotting the errors .


6.         Intelligence, as' well as knowledge of the subject (a) / are required to grasp (b) / the meaning of the book. (c) / No error (d).

6.         (b)

            Replace 'are' by ’is’.


7.         The teacher was angry' (a) / when he found that (b) / from you are not there. (c) / No error (d).

7.         (c)

            Replace 'are' by 'were'.


8.         The driver tried his best (a) / to avert the accident by bringing the car (b)/ to a suddenly stop. (c) / No error (d).

8.         (c)

            Replace ‘suddenly by ‘sudden.


9.         One of his many (a) / good traits that come to my mind (b) / was his modesty. (c) / No error (d).

9.         (c)

            Replace 'was' by ’is'.


10.       He looks full of energy (a)/ today because he (b)/soundly slept last night. (c)/ No error (d).

10.       (c)

            Replace ‘soundly slept' by `slept soundly'.


6-10.    Grammar – Error – Medium


Directions (Q. Nos. 11-15) Given below are a few foreign language phrases which are commonly used. Choose the correct meaning for each of the phrases.


11.       Ex officio

            (a)  By virtue of previously held position         (b) Former official

            (c)  By virtue of office                                      (d) Outside the office

11.       (c)

            'Ex officio' means by virtue of one's office.


12.       Ultra Vires

            (a)  Within powers                                           (b) Full powers

            (c)  Near powers                                             (d) Beyond powers

12.       (d)

            'Ultra Vires' means beyond one's legal power or authority.


13.       Quid pro quo

            (a)  Something for nothing                              (b) Something for something

            (c)  Everything for something                          (d) Something for everything

13.       (b)

            'Quid pro quo' means gift, favour, etc, exchanged, for another.


14.       Inter vivos

            (a)  between the living                                     (b) among the living and the dead

            (c)  between the dead                                     (d) among the dead and the living

14.       (a)

            'Inter vivos' is a phrase used to describe a gift that is made during the donor's lifetime. It means 'among the living'.


15.       Corpus juris

            (a)  Body of judges                                          (b) Group of jurists

            (c)  Body of law                                               (d) Knowledge of law

15.       (c)

            'Corpus juris' means ‘body of law'.

11-15.  Grammar - Idioms and Phrases – Medium


Directions (Q. No. 16 to 20) : In the following questions, out of the four alternatives, choose the one OPPOSITE in meaning to the given bold word in CAPITAL LETTERS and indicate your correct alternative.


16.       AMELIORATE

            (a) Decay                    (b) Decline                  (c) Worsen                  (d) Destroy

16.       (c)


17.       VINDICTIVE

            (a) Careless                (b) Forgiving               (c) Heedless               (d) Refined

17.       (b)



            (a) Curiosity                (b) Ferocity                 (c) Impetuosity            (d) Animosity

18.       (d)



            (a) usefulness             (b) availability              (c) adaptability            (d) inutility      

19.       (d)



            (a) enclose                  (b) free                        (c) encompass            (d) girdle         

20.       (b)


16-20.  Vocabulary - Antonyms – Medium


Directions (Q. No. 21 to 25): In the following questions, out of the four alternatives, choose the one which Best Expresses the meaning of the given bold word in CAPITAL LETTERS and indicate your correct alternative.


21.       IMPAIR

            (a) Weaken                 (b) Couple                   (c) Double                   (d) Repair

21.       (a)


22.       MOROSE

            (a) Genial                    (b) Gentle                    (c) Gloomy                  (d) Idle

22.       (c)


23.       ABOLITION

            (a) Promotion              (b) elimination             (c) legalization            (d) destruction

23.       (b)


24.       DEMERIT

            (a) paucity                   (b) advantage             (c) sparsity                  (d) adequacy  

24.       (a)


25.       VITAL

            (a) trivial                      (b) crucial                    (c) urgent                    (d) unimportant

25.       (b)


21-25.  Vocabulary – Synonyms – Medium


Directions (2627) : Each question has a group of sentences, followed by four choices of their arrangement in a sequence. Choose that sequence which would result in a most logical narrative paragraph.


26.       1.   Even among smokers and others considered prone to life‑threatening diseases, those who exercised daily had a lower death rate.

            2.   Moderate exercise not only improves looks and makes one feel better, but also prolongs life.

            3.   Those who walked daily for 45 minutes  had a death rate one‑quarter to one‑third lower than that of sedentary men.

            4.   This found that those who did regular exercise lived as many as five years longer.

            5.   A comprehensive study was undertaken monitoring nearly 17, 000 Harvard alumni.

                  (a) 5, 2, 1, 3, 4      (b) 1, 3, 5, 3, 1                  (c) 2, 5, 1, 3, 4      (d) 2, 5, 4, 3, 1

26.       (d)

            The correct option is (d) 2, 5, 4, 3, 1. Sentence 2 is the correct opening sentence as it begins by saying that moderate exercise is good for everybody as it prolongs life. Sentence 5 then continues by stating that Harvard undertook a study monitoring nearly 17,000 alumni. Sentence 4 then continues by stating the result of this study was that those who did regular exercise lived five years longer than others. Sentences 3 follows by telling us the benefits of regular walking and then sentence 1 concludes by stating that even smokers and people prone to life threatening diseases who exercised daily had a lower death rate. Therefore, this option forms the most correct coherent passage.


27.       1.   Interesting and satisfying work, however, remains our key selling point.

            2.   Our company, Apple Computers Ltd, is India’s largest producer of interactive computer systems.

            3.   In n order to obtain the best, we offer excellent working conditions and benefits.

            4.   Therefore, we are looking for a number of highly talented documentation specialists to undertake a wide range of challenging assignments.

            5.   Our software products demand the very best of software editors and writers to create outstanding documentation.

            (a)  3, 2, 5, 1, 4            (b) 2, 5, 4, 1, 3            (c) 2, 3, 5, 1, 4            (d) 5, 2, 3, 1, 4

27.       (b)

            The correct option is (b) 2, 5, 4, 1, 3. From the given sentences we can see that the topic is Apple Computers and the services that it is providing. Sentence 2, begins by stating that Apple Computers is India’s largest producer of interactive systems, sentence 5 follows next by stating that Apple Computer’s documentation is produced by the best editors and writers. Next sentences 4 continues by stating that Apple Computer’s is looking for highly talented documentation specialists. Next, statements 1 and 3 follow successively as statement 1 mentions that “interesting and satisfying work” is the key selling point and in order to obtain the best, the company offers excellent working conditions. Therefore, this option when read in its sequence forms the most coherent passage.


28.       1.   It would have been so, even if it had not ended in a tie.

            2.   That was during the 196061 tour of Australia by the West Indies

            3.   By all accounts it was a great match.

            4.   But that ending along makes it a test to remember for years to come.

            5.   Only once before in the 109yearold history of Test cricket has a match ended this way

            (a) 5, 3, 2, 4, 1            (b) 3, 5, 1, 2, 4            (c) 4, 1, 5, 2, 3            (d) 3, 1, 4, 5, 2

28.       (d)

            The answer is option (d) 3, 1, 4, 5, 2. From the given sentences we can see that the topic is the cricket match, sentence 3 begins by stating that it was a great match, and sentence 1 continues by stating that it would have been so even if it had not ended in a tie, Sentences 4 and 5 continue successively by stating that the ending of the match is what made it memorable and only one before had a match ended that way, lastly sentence 2 concludes by stating the year in which  this had happened. This option forms the most coherent passage and is therefore the answer.

26-28.    Grammar - Sentence rearrangement – Tough


Direction (29 – 35): In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are again printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out appropriate word in each case.

            Management as becomes and …29 … feature of everyday life––at home, in office, factory or in Government. In all types of organizations …30… a group of people assemble for the common purpose, management principles come into play in …31… with the utilization of resource, finance and planning, policies and procedures. Management is a systematic way of …32… out activity in any field of human effort. …33… of management cause disorder, confusion, wastage, delay, destruction and even depression.

            …34… men, money and material in the best possible way, according to …35… and environment, is the most important factor in successful management. Of late, there has been a surge of interest in the concept of spirituality in management.


29.       (a) inexplicable           (b) unusual                  (c) extreme                 (d) essential

29.       (d)


30.       (a) because                 (b) where                     (c) since                      (d) offices

30.       (b)


31.       (a) concurrence          (b) confrontation         (c) deference              (d) connection

31.       (d)


32.       (a) performing             (b) peeling                   (c) carrying                  (d) bringing

32.       (c)


33.       (a) Lack                       (b) Implementation     (c) Application             (d) Principle

33.       (a)


34.       (a) Releasing              (b) Deploying              (c) Accumulating         (d) Sensitizing

34.       (b)


35.       (a) availability              (b) demand                 (c) theory                     (d) circumstances

35.       (a)

29-35.  Grammar - Paragraph Completion – Medium


Directions (Q. No. 36 to 40): In each of the following questions, out of the four alternatives, choose the one Which can be substituted for the given words/sentence.


36.       Anything written in a letter after it is signed

            (a) posterity                 (b) postdiction             (c) postscript               (d) corrigendum

36.       (c)


37.       To slap with a flat object

            (a) hew                        (b) swat                       (c) chop                       (d) gnaw

37.       (b)


38.       Study of mankind

            (a)  pathology              (c) philology                (b)  physiology             (d) anthropology

38.       (d)


39.       Place where birds are kept

            (a) zoo                         (b) apiary                     (c) armoury                 (d) aviary

39.       (d)


40.       A name adopted by an author in his writings

            (a) title                         (b) nomenclature        (c) nickname               (d) pseudonym

40.       (d)


36-40.  Vocabulary - One Word Substitution – Medium

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