NEET 2016 Question Paper, Download PDF with Solution

NEET 2016 Question Paper PDF with the solution is provided in this article. Students can download the NEET 2016 Question Paper PDF to ace the upcoming NEET 2024 Exam.

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NEET 2016 Question Paper

NEET 2016 Question Paper: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducted NEET Phase 1 on May 1, 2016, and Phase 2 on July 24, 2016. The question papers, solutions, and answer keys for NEET 2016 were made available on the website shortly after the exams to help students prepare. The pattern of the NEET 2016 question paper was similar to that of AIPMT 2015.

Solving previous years’ question papers is important for improving your preparation. This helps you understand the exam pattern and difficulty level, and identify areas that need improvement.

The NEET 2016 question paper had varying difficulty levels, with the biology section being relatively easy and the physics and chemistry sections being more challenging. The difficulty level of the exam changes every year, so it is important to practice past question papers and mock tests. It is also highly recommended to revise all concepts thoroughly.

The link to the NEET 2016 question paper is provided below. Students can click on the link to download the question papers.

NEET 2016 Question Paper

The NEET 2016 Question Papers, Answer Keys, and Solutions are available after the exam. You can view or download the All India Pre Medical Test question paper from this source. Candidates who have taken or are preparing for the medical entrance exam can benefit greatly from reviewing the NEET Question Papers 2016. 

There were 45 multiple-choice questions each from the Physics and Chemistry syllabus, and 90 multiple-choice questions (with a single correct option, worth 4 marks each) from the Biology syllabus (Zoology and Botany). This exam is taken by around 1.5–1.7 million students each year, and the number is increasing. As a result, students must develop a well-structured preparation strategy to secure a top position in the exam.

NEET 2016 Question Paper PDF Download

The NEET Question Paper 2016 is in PDF format and organized by code. This allows students to practice with various sets of question papers. These NEET 2016 code-wise question papers reveal how the authorities frame questions from the same NEET Syllabus. The organization of the NEET 2016 question papers by codes ensures a fair examination process and helps to prevent cheating. Candidates can easily download the 2016 NEET question paper in PDF format using the provided download links.

NEET 2016 Question Paper with Solutions PDF

The NEET 2016 Question Paper with Solutions PDF can be used to find the answers to each question. This helps candidates learn about the difficulty level of the exam. Candidates can also learn about the types of questions asked in all the subjects. These papers can be consulted to understand the upcoming NEET 2024 examination fully.

Click Here to download the NEET 2016 Question Paper PDF with solutions

NEET 2016 Question Paper Pattern

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) 2016 was a pen-and-paper-based exam that covered four subjects: chemistry, physics, botany, and zoology. The question paper consisted of 180 objective-type questions, with 45 questions each from physics and chemistry, and 90 questions from biology (covering both zoology and botany). Each question was worth 4 marks.

NEET 2016 Question Paper Pattern
Subject Number of Objective-Type Questions Marks for Each Question
Physics 45 4
Chemistry 45 4
Biology 90 (Zoology and Botany combined) 4

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NEET 2016 Question Paper Difficulty Level

According to our experts, the NEET 2016 question paper was more challenging than previous years’ papers. In NEET 1, Physics was the most difficult subject, while Chemistry and Biology were relatively easier. Approximately 55 easy questions, 81 moderate difficulty, and 44 tough questions.

In NEET Phase 2, the question paper was easier than Phase 1. Botany was the most challenging subject, while Physics, Chemistry, and Zoology were relatively less difficult. There were about 70 easy questions, 71 moderate difficulty, and 39 tough questions.

Before beginning preparations, students are advised to analyze the weightage of all syllabus concepts and create a suitable study plan accordingly. Below is a detailed subject-wise analysis of the NEET 2016 Phase 1 and Phase 2 question papers:

NEET 2016 Question Paper Difficulty Level
Subject Phase 1 Phase 2
Physics 55 easy, 81 moderate, 44 tough 45 easy, 75 moderate, 30 tough
Chemistry 60 easy, 70 moderate, 30 tough 55 easy, 75 moderate, 30 tough
Biology 70 easy, 60 moderate, 30 tough 65 easy, 75 moderate, 20 tough

Students should focus on the more difficult topics and have a higher weightage in the syllabus. They should also practice solving previous year’s question papers to familiarise themselves with the NEET exam pattern.

NEET 2016 Question Paper Marks Distribution

The NEET 2016 exam format was similar to the AIPMT 2015. The paper had 180 questions, each worth 4 marks. All the questions were objective, with only one correct answer. Regarding subject distribution, Physics and Chemistry each had 45 questions, while Biology had 90 questions covering both Zoology and Botany sections.

NEET 2016 Question Paper Marks Distribution
Class XI Class XII Overall
Subject No. of Questions Total Marks No. of Questions Total Marks No. of Questions Total Marks
Botany 27 108 18 72 45 180
Chemistry 15 60 30 120 45 180
Physics 22 88 23 92 45 180
Zoology 21 84 24 96 45 180
Total 85 340 95 380 180 720

NEET 2016 Question Paper FAQs

Why was NEET 2016 regarded as difficult?

The exam included difficult and tricky questions, causing many students to struggle to finish the section. The questions were difficult, with only a few drawn from the NCERT syllabus. Fortunately, several questions were sourced from previous years' papers, providing some relief for many candidates.

 Which year has the most difficult NEET paper?

NEETs had a particularly difficult year in 2008. The cutoff for the AIPMT prelims that year was the lowest ever.  The paper was extremely difficult, with lengthy physics calculations, difficult biology questions, and extremely complex chemistry problems. 

Who had the highest NEET 2016 score?

Het Shah, who won the National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) last year, found the exam surprisingly manageable. Shah achieved an All India Rank (AIR) four at eighteen by scoring 685 out of 720 on the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) entrance exam. 

Was NEET 2023 regarded as difficult?

NEET UG 2023's overall difficulty level was rated as easy to moderate. Our experts ranked The following subjects in order of difficulty: Botany, Zoology, Physics, and Chemistry. Overall, the paper was slightly easier than NEET 2022.

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