What is The Full Form of DNS ?

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About the full form of DNS?

The full form of DNS is the Domain Name System. DNS is connected to the Internet and focuses on a system that uses the Internet Protocol (IP). DNS servers are required for DNS to work. The IP address is calculated using the search table. Each computer system or website has its unique IP address. It's a long digital code. DNS is an IP service that translates a domain name into a single IP address. DNS is alphabetical, so it is convenient and direct.

full form of DNS

Working Principle of DNS

DNS is important because domain names are easy to remember for people, computers, or devices, but websites are accessed using IP addresses. Work in DNS is processed using a DNS server. In a web browser, when a user enters a domain name, the request goes to the DNS server. The DNS server uses the lookup table to determine the IP address. It then transmits the information provided to the user's web browser via actual servers. Information from all Internet domain servers on the Internet is collected and stored in a central registry. Host companies and service providers regularly communicate with the central registry to obtain updated DNS information. Your ISP will display the DNS associated with the domain name when you enter the web address, convert it to a machine-acceptable IP address, and direct your Internet connection to the correct website. It usually takes about 12-36 hours for domain name servers around the world to update and download after you register a new domain name or update DNS servers on your domain name. These 36 hours are known as breeding.

Features of DNS

1.The DNS server offers high performance and a user interface. The user interface must handle a lot of DNS.

2.DNS has a distributed database.

3.Additional records are also stored in the DNS database.

4.Contains numerous types of records to facilitate other uses. Example: Entering a mail exchanger (MKS).

5.Any application that uses the Internet to connect two or more hosts to exchange information is based on DNS.

Advantages of DNS

1.DNS is the only system in the world that helps us surf the Internet.

2.Due to the domain name system, we no longer have to remember the IP address of each website, we can search each website only using the domain name.

3.The information that the user finds without delay reaches the user quickly.

4.The domain name system helps provide security at an advanced level.

5.DNS automatically corrects typing errors.

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