What is the Full Form of DRDO ?

Full Forms

Full form of DRDO

The full form of DRDO is Defense Research and Development Organization is an R&D unit of the Ministry of Defense of India. Dr. G. Satheesh Reddy is the current chairman of DRDO. DRDO’s vision is to equip India with modern defense technology to gain independence from critical defense systems and technologies. It also aims to empower the Indian armed forces with the latest avant-garde weapon and defense equipment that meets the requirements of the three categories of armed forces.

full form of DRDO

The Defense Research and Development Organization [DRDO] was established in 1958 by merging the three central defense departments. They are the Defense Science Organization (DSO), the Directorate of Technical Development & Production (DTDP), and the Technical Development Establishment (TDEs) of the Indian Army. After its formation, DRDO was just a small organization operating in more than ten laboratories. At present, it is a pioneer organization strengthening the Indian defense system. It has more than 50 laboratories and has grown into various fields.

Function of DRDO

  • To advise and update Raksha Mantri on the impact of National Security on future scientific and technological advances.
  • Designing and implementing programs related to scientific research, development, design, and testing in the areas covered under national security.
  • Management of laboratories, scope, facilities, agencies, institutions, and projects
  • To overlook financial matters and other related assistance, go to institutions, individuals, and universities to train and study human resources in the areas of science and technology that affect national security.
  • Contact and co-operate with the Department of Foreign Affairs on international relations related to science and technology related to national security.
  • Ensuring the design structure of military and aircraft equipment.

Defence Research and Development Organization [DRDO] Programmes

Some few programs launched by Defence Research and Development Organization [DRDO] are mentioned below:

Integrated Guided-Missile Development Program or IGMDP

  • IGMDP was led by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. It aimed to make India independent in the field of missile technology.
  • Prithvi, Trishul, Agni, Nag, and Akash developed the missiles.

MARS or Mobile Autonomous Robot System

MARS is a powerful and intelligent robot that helps Indian armies detonate land mines and Inert Explosive Devices (IEDs) despite being in a hostile environment.

With a few modifications and features, the robot can be used to dig deep and disperse explosives through a variety of methods.

The Defense Research and Development Organization [DRDO] strives to strengthen India's defense system to combat future challenges. A few respected scientists and experts have contributed to the development of DRDO programs.

Highest Terrestrial Centre in Ladakh

  • The DRDO terrestrial center in Ladakh is located 17,600 meters above sea level near Pangong Lake in Changla.
  • It is designed as a cold storage area for natural medicinal plants.

FAQs on Defence Research and Development Organization [DRDO]

Q1. Write one of the issues faced by the DRDO.

Ans . The Defense Research and Development Organization [DRDO] is working with outdated technology. For example, it is still repairing or modifying World War II equipment and machines instead of building or designing new, state-of-the-art technology.

Q2. Name the missiles were developed outside of the IGMDP program?

Ans . BrahMos, Sagarika, Nirbhay, Shaurya, Astra, Dhanush, and Prahaar were some of the missiles made out of the IGMDP program.

Q3. What do you mean by Defence Research and Development Organization [DRDO] motto?

Ans . The motto of the Defense Research and Development Organization [DRDO] is Sanskrit-Balasya Mulam Vigyanam. It means that the roots of energy lie in the knowledge.

Q4. In the context of the Defence Research and Development Organization [DRDO], what is INS Arihant?

Ans . INS Arihant is India's first submarine nuclear ballistic missile compiled by the Defense Research and Development Organization [DRDO]. It went live in 2018.

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