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Full form of IB

A full form of IB is the Intelligence Bureau. It is an Indian internal intelligence service specializing in internal operations and intelligence tasks. It Monitors national terrorist threats. It provides other intelligence agencies and police with important information about suspicious behavior, so these agencies and police can take appropriate steps to address the internal or external terrorist threats against the country and its citizens.

full form of IB

History of IB

  • The IB was established in 1887 to monitor further the Russian troops stationed in Afghanistan. In India, it is an old intelligence service.
  • In 1947, it was re-established under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, as the Central Intelligence Bureau at that time since India gained independence from British rule.
  • In the 1950s, the IB was aligned with the Soviet KGB until the collapse of the Soviet Union.
  • Due to the brief failure of the intelligence agency to predict the 1962 Sino-Indian War, and the subsequent failure of intelligence in the 1965 India-Pakistani War, it was divided into two phases in 1968 and converted to internal intelligence.

Main role of IB

  • The Indian Police Service agent has been the director of IB.
  • There are no problems or apparent ways the IB official lives his life. It is full of dangers and many compromises.
  • One particular function of IB is to remove the licenses of amateur radio enthusiasts, and it can tap the telephone service.
  • It also provides an email scheme for the spy to search for terrorist organizations and addresses of other malicious groups.
  • The sub-branch, identified as the Subsidiary Intelligence Bureau, is also included in the IB. A Joint Director operates this section at the government level or higher.

IB ACIO Eligibility Criteria

Students preparing for the IB ACIO exam should assess and verify their eligibility first and then proceed with the postal application. The IB ACIO Qualifications Term covers various terms and conditions that candidates need to meet to be qualified for a post, such as Age Limit, Qualifications, and other criteria. The multiple parameters under the auspices of the IB ACIO exam are listed below:

IB ACIO Age Limit

The minimum application age for IB ACIO Grade II is 18 years. The maximum age limit for 27 years, according to the latest announcement issued by IB.

IB ACIO Educational Qualification

To be eligible to apply for the IB ACIO Grade II, a candidate must have a degree from a recognized Indian university. No percentage terms are specified in the latest notification. Also, candidates from the last year of graduation are eligible to apply for the Grade II official post position.

IB ACIO Vacancy

Category Computer Science and Information Technology Electronics and Communication
UR 30 50
EWS 06 09
OBC 06 09
SC 08 16
SC 06 10

IB ACIO Grade-II Officer Salary

One thing that attracts many candidates to any public service is the salary structure and various other benefits they will receive. The IB ACIO's salary for a Grade II official post is the 7th commission pay is ₹ 44,900 - ₹ 1,42,400 in the pay matrix and approved social grants. Other allowances applicable to IB ACIO Grade II officials are listed below.

Special security allowance @ 20% of basic pay over other government allowances.

Financial compensation instead of holiday work under a 30-days.

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