What is The Full Form of ISC ?

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About the full form of ISC?

The full form of the ISC is a testimony of an Indian school. Refers to a high school exam or 12th grade conducted by CISCE (Indian School Testimony Examination Council). The ISC exam is developed and planned by the applicable regulations on education policy from 1986. English is a compulsory subject on the ISC board and the test is always conducted in English, except a specific language. Many students who pass the ISC exam are more likely to enroll in Level A colleges than students on their councils and boards.

full form of ISC

Eligibility Criteria of ISC

According to current CISCE guidelines, only 12th-grade students attending a regular course at one of the CISCE-related schools can appear for ISC exams. Students who study at home cannot take the ISC exams under normal circumstances. The student must provide a 10th-grade certificate from one of the recognized educational authorities. Students of any caste, religion, religion, economic origin, sect, gender, tribe, or race may attend these exams. A student attending ISC exams must meet 75% of the minimum attendance rate during the school year.

Advantages of ISC

1.The ISC curriculum covers each subject in good depth so that all concepts are clear and understandable to students.

2.ISC offers many options in choosing the subject that the student wants to study.

3.It emphasizes English fluency, resulting in ISC students articulating English more than others.

4.ISC also attaches great importance to the fact that students are not only good academics, but also active problem solvers with a good dose of practical skills.

5.Most colleges around the world accept ISC as an official educational qualification.

6.Some foreign institutes, especially those based in the UK, prefer ISC students to students enrolled in other Indian universities.

7.Most ISC schools encourage their students to pursue their interests, rather than devoting all their time to academics.

List of ISC board subjects








Environmental education

Political Sciences



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