What is The Full Form of ITSES ?

Aug 19, 2022, 16:45 IST

Explain What is the full form of ITES?

ITES stands for Information Technology Enablement Services. It encompasses a wide range of operations that use information technology to improve organizational efficiency. Most of the large companies in the world prefer India for IT Enable Services (ITES) outsourcing. The Philippines are also a popular destination for ITES. It's about having a relatively cheap and talented workforce that will help reduce costs and improve standards of service. If a company accepts similar services from a developed country, it will claim a premium that is at least three to four times that of India or the Philippines.

full form of ITES

About ITES

ITES Processes and Services

ITES offers a range of IT-intensive processes and services, including Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Information Process Outsourcing (KPO), delivered from remote locations and over telecommunications networks. ITES focuses on industries such as content management, finance, accounting, research, and analytics. ITES includes:

Customer interaction services - including call center facilities with adequate telecommunications infrastructure, trained advisors, access to major databases, the Internet, and other online information infrastructures to provide information and assistance to customers

Back office operations - data entry, data conversion including finance and accounting, and human resource services.

Transcription / translation services

Content development / animation / engineering / design and GIS

Other services such as distance learning, data search, market research, network consulting, and management

Preferred areas of application are areas where a lot of data must be processed and used to provide the results, or the data is the result of the service. In all cases, the task would otherwise not be manageable without the use of IT. Below are some of the key areas where IT-enabled services can be used:

1. Telemarketing

2. Counseling center

3. Customer support centers

4. Data warehouse house

5. Transcription centers

6. GIS mapping for transport tracking

7. Electronic distribution.

Challenges and Opportunities of ITES

Changing economic and business conditions, rapid technological innovations, the spread of the Internet, and globalization create an increasingly competitive environment. The role of technology has evolved from helping businesses to transform them. Global companies are increasingly turning to offshore technology service providers to meet their needs for high-quality, affordable technology solutions. So a company can face a variety of risks and challenges when trying to build and maintain a seamless, successful, sustainable, and scalable business. Some of the challenges to face are:

1. Ability to create and maintain a proven, best-in-class delivery model that would enable an organization to provide on-site customer support. This would require running around the clock across multiple time zones, access to a large number of highly qualified technical experts, and a knowledge management system to reuse solutions if necessary.

2. Develop and expand robust, comprehensive, and first-class service solutions and offerings to help your customers differentiate themselves in the market or achieve competitive advantages and thereby achieve a larger share of your customers' technology budgets.

3. Scalability when the opportunity presents itself. This would require continuous investment in infrastructure and the rapid recruitment, training, and posting of new skilled workers.

4. Manage income and expenses during the economic downturn, improve your company's ability to withstand pricing pressures, service offerings, and reduced usage rates.

5. Manage exchange rate volatility and counterparty risk in Treasury trades.

6. Expand your customer list across all lines of business to reduce over-dependency and the risk of losing significant market share.

7. Maintain a superior and mature project management methodology in line with global quality standards and ensure timely, consistent, and accurate execution to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

8. Ensure the successful integration of inorganic growth opportunities that your company may take advantage of from time to time in all regions.

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