Shaurya 2.0 (NDA-2, 2022)
Special Discounted Price
₹ 1999

Special Discounted Price

₹ 1999

Special Discounted Price

₹ 1999

Batch Details

  • NDA Fast Track batch for NDA-2, 2022 exam.
  • Live lectures by the best faculties of India
  • DPPs will be provided along with daily lectures.
  • Telegram Doubt group will be there for solving student's queries and Doubts.
  • 9 Mock Tests will be conducted in which 5 will be part tests and 4 will be full tests.
  • Starting date: 2nd May, 2022 Syllabus Completion date: 27th August, 2022.
  • Classes will be held all 6 days in a week (Except Sunday) 3 classes per day will be held. Duration of Lecture: 1 hour 15 minutes

This Batch Includes

8+ Test
200+ DPP Solutions
200+ DPP
300+ Classes

Top Faculties

Batch Demo Videos


Batch is For Whom?

Students targeting for NDA 2 - 2022 exam.

Classes will be on APP or YouTube Channel?

All the Classes will be available on the App/ Web Version ( only.

What if we want to see previous recorded lectures?

Go to the Batch > Select Subject > you can see the dates of previous days of one week only.

If you want to watch older lectures then tap on the "Previous Classes / Classroom Contents" Option> You will find all the topics there only > click on your topic you will get the videos and notes there.

Mentioned price is yearly Fee or monthly Fee?

The mentioned course fees one-time payments.

What to do if we miss the scheduled Class?

You can watch the all previous lecture on the App / Web version.

Till when we can access the Batch?

The batch is accessible till your NDA- 2 2022 Exam.

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