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Parakram GATE 2024 Instrumentation Weekend (Hinglish)

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Parakram GATE 2024 Instrumentation Weekday (Hinglish)

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₹ 10000
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GATE Wallah (English)

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Best Online Course For Gate Instrumentation

The GATE Instrumentation Engineering exam is considered to be one of the toughest exams in the country. Thousands of candidates take this exam; thus, it needs thoroughly committed practice and learning from the best GATE Instrumentation Study Material.

To prepare for the examination, GATE Instrumentation Coaching is necessary to help the candidates to understand the examination pattern and to have a better chance of clearing the exam. One of the best ways to prepare for the GATE Instrumentation Exam is through GATE Instrumentation Online class. GATE Instrumentation's best coaching provides the candidates with comprehensive study material, Online classes, Practice sets and mock tests aligned with the latest GATE Instrumentation Pattern. 

The GATE Instrumentation Course is designed to help the candidates to clear the GATE Instrumentation exam on the first attempt.  PW has come up with the best GATE Instrumentation Courses. In these courses, students will learn from the country's best educators at an affordable price. The online courses for GATE Instrumentation Comprise live lectures and notes designed per the latest GATE Instrumentation Examination exam pattern. 

Syllabus Covered

The GATE Instrumentation Engineering Syllabus 2023 is divided into ten major sections: Digital Electronics, Digital Electronics, Engineering Mathematics, Electricity and Magnetism, Signals and Systems, Control Systems, Analog Electronics, Electrical Circuits and Machines, Sensors and Industrial Instrumentation, and Communication and Optical Instrumentation.

Eligibility Criteria

An applicant in the third or higher year of any UG degree is eligible to take the GATE 2023 exam. Also eligible to apply are candidates who have completed any degree program in Architecture / Engineering / Technology / Science / Commerce / Arts. There are no nationality restrictions for the GATE 2023 examination. Candidates of any nationality may take the exam and select their exam centers accordingly.

Why Join Physics Wallah To Crack GATE Instrumentation

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  • We have produced results that are among the best in the industry, with over 15000 PWians passing the JEE, NEET, and NDA exams. PWians accounted for one out of every five JEE candidates and six NEET and NDA candidates.
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Most Engaging Batches For GATE Instrumentation

Parakram GATE 2024 Instrumentation Weekday Hinglish

For individuals studying for the GATE 2024 Exam, there is a course called the Parakram batch. Test and lecture planning has been posted in the Notice section of the Batch. Classes will start on Saturday and continue on Sunday.

Questions of the MCQ, MSQ, and NAT variety that follow the GATE format. India's top academicians give live lectures. Daily classes will be combined with DPPs. The Doubt Engine will be available to address the questions and concerns of the students. There will be regular tests—a policy of no refunds.

Course Highlight

Live and recorded sessions: Students will have access to the whole course, including both live and recorded sessions, until the GATE 2023 exam.

  • Practice tests: More than 10+ practice tests that will help you improve speed and accuracy.
  • Syllabus: The best educators in Physics Wallah will cover the full and latest version of the GATE syllabus on time.
  • Study material: You will be provided with notes and other study materials to help you prepare for the GATE exam.
  • Daily practice problems: Daily practice problems and video solutions, which are formatted as quizzes, will be released along with lectures.
  • Doubt-solving engine: Dedicated instructors will use the best doubt-solving engine to clear any queries you may have.

Benefits of Course

  • A lecture planner and test planner will be provided.
  • Daily practice problems(DPPs) will be provided in pdf format with solutions in video format.
  • Committed faculty to solving doubts through best-in-class Doubt Engine.
  • Course taught by best faculty in India.
  • Interactive test platform with All India Ranking.
  • The best site for GATE Instrumentationpreparation for the Graduate students
  • If any student misses live classes, he/she can watch recorded lectures any number of times; recorded lectures will be provided after live classes.
  • A revision planner will be provided to students before the exams.


. Who should be a part of this batch?

If you are a student of engineering and intend to take the GATE in 2024.

. What time will the course be over?

2023 November

. How should you pay?

The PW App homepage has a video showing the payment process.

. Is the amount mentioned a yearly or monthly fee?

The quoted cost is a yearly charge.

. Will the classes be live or recorded?

Complete LIVE CLASSES in each subject (students may view a recording of a missed live session at any time).

. How long am I able to access the batch?

Up till March 2024

. What if I wish to watch previously recorded courses or if I missed a live lecture?

The previous lecture is available to watch at any time in recorded form.
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