Mathematics and Aptitude - GATE

Special Discounted Price

Special Discounted Price


Special Discounted Price


Batch Details

01. This batch is for the aspirants who are preparing for the GATE 2024 Examination.
Classes will be conducted from Monday to Saturday. 
MCQs, MSQs, NATs types of questions aligned with the GATE pattern.
Live lectures by the best faculties of India.
Starting Date : 27 April 2023.

This Batch Includes

250 Live Lecture

Top Faculties


Who should join this Batch?

If you are an engineering student and planning for GATE 2024.

Where classes will be provided?

(For Mechanical and Civil Branch)

Classes will be provided on GATE Wallah Main Youtube Channel. 

Is this batch free or paid?

It is a free batch. You need to click on the Enroll Now button for your free subscription on PW APP.

Classes will be recorded or Live?

All the lectures will be provided Live.

Recorded lectures will be provided on the App or not?

If you missed any live lectures, you can watch the lecture’s recording any number of times here.

Can i get refund after batch purchase?

Dear student, refund after batch purchase is not allowed as we have already invested a lot in providing the best learning experience to our loving students in terms of tech infrastructure, employee salary etc. Please make a conscious decision before purchasing a batch.

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