Swarnyug Banking and Insurance Foundation batch for 2023
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Special Discounted Price


Special Discounted Price


Batch Details

  1. This batch is a Targeted Batch for All banking and insurance Exams 2023.
  2. This is a Targeted course for All Banking and insurance Aspirants
  3. Live lectures by India's best faculty on Banking Wallah YT channel and on the application..
  4. Class Notes with Lecture schedules will be available on PW App.
  5. Lectures will be delivered in the HINGLISH language
  6. Complete lecture planner will be available on Banking Wallah YT channel community section.
  7. Starting Date : 16-Jan-2023
  8. Syllabus Completion Date : 28-Feb-2023
  9. Classes will be held from Monday to Saturday with 3 classes per day 10AM Math/ 11AM Reasoning/ 12PM English.
  10. Duration of Lecture: 60 Min
  11. Topic wise DPP will be provided with daily classes in Hindi and English language
  12. Course Duration- 100+ live sessions
  13. Recorded videos will be available 24/7 for your revision on PW app.

This Batch Includes

100+ Live Lecture
100+ DPP

Top Faculties


Who should join this batch?

This batch is for students targeting All banking and insurance exams 2023.

When will the course be completed?

Syllabus Completion date: 28-Feb-2023

Is this batch FREE or PAID?

This is a Free batch. You need to click on “BUY NOW” to purchase it.

Classes will be live or recorded?

Live Classes will be provided

Till when can I access the batch?

Till 31-Jan-2024

Classes will stream on which channel?

Class will stream on Banking Wallah

How to get Lecture Notes?

These will be available under Classroom Section of the batch in PW App

In which language the class notes will be provided ?

Class notes will be provided in the Hinglish language.

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