Vision RBI Assistant
Special Discounted Price
₹ 999 ₹ 1999 (50% OFF)

Special Discounted Price

₹ 999 ₹ 1999 50% OFF

Special Discounted Price

₹ 999 ₹ 1999 50% OFF

Batch Details

  • This batch is a Targeted Batch for RBI Assistant Pre + Mains Exam 2023
  • Starting date: 28-Feb-2023 
  • Based on the new exam pattern and syllabus. 
  • We also provide 180+ DPP for all lectures.
  • Lectures will be delivered in the HINGLISH language
  • Complete lecture planner will be available in the PW App.
  • Syllabus Completion date: Before Exam. 
  • Classes will be held from Monday to Saturday with 3 classes per day, Time 3PM, 4PM, 5PM and 2PM and 7PM
  • Duration of Lecture: 60 - 90 Min 
  • Total Mock Test (20) Pre (10) Mains (10) and Previous Year Question Paper (5) in PW App
  • Course Duration- 180+ Hours. 
  • Live lectures by India's best faculties on PW App, you will get complete Concepts, Approaches & Questions Based on the Latest Pattern. .
  • You can access all classes in recording till 31-Aug-2023. 
  • Free Live Doubt Features. You will get a solution within 24Hrs. 
  • Free Live Doubt Features. You will get a solution within 24Hrs.

This Batch Includes

180+ Live Lectures
180+ Topic Wise DPP
180+ PDF Notes

Top Faculties


Who should join this batch?

This batch is for students targeting RBI Assistant Pre + Mains exams in 2023.

When will the course be completed?

Before Exam.

Is this batch FREE or PAID?

This is a Paid batch. You need to click on “BUY NOW” option to get this batch on PW App.

Will classes be live or recorded?

Classes will be Live and you can access recorded till validity.


When can I access the batch?

Till Exam.

Classes will stream on which channel?

PW app.

How to get Lecture Notes?

These will be available under the Classroom Section of the batch in PW App

In which language the class notes will be provided?

Class notes will be provided in English and Hindi languages.

For any query how to contact ?

For Any query contact us on 07019243492

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