Shaurya 2023
Special Discounted Price
₹ 1799 ₹ 1999 (10% OFF)

Special Discounted Price

₹ 1799 ₹ 1999 10% OFF

Special Discounted Price

₹ 1799 ₹ 1999 10% OFF

Batch Details

  •  NDA Fast Track batch for NDA-1, 2023 exam.
  • Live lectures by the best faculties of India.
  • DPPs will be provided along with daily lectures.
  • Doubt Engine will be there for solving student's queries and Doubts.
  • 11 Tests will be conducted out of which  7 will be part tests and the remaining 4 will be in the form of Mock tests.
  • Starting date: 26 Sep 2022 & Syllabus Completion date: 28 Feb 2023.
  • Classes will be held all 6 days a week (Except Sunday) 3 classes per day will be held. Duration of Lecture: 1 hour 15 minutes
  • NOTE - No Batch Shift / Refund Policy.
  • Diwali Mela Offer will end on 10th Nov. 2022.

This Batch Includes

11+ NDA Based Mock Test
300+ Daily Practice Problem
335+ Live Lectures

Top Faculties


Batch is for whom?

Students who are targeting NDA - 1 2023 Exam.

Lecture will be live or recorded?

All the lectures will be in Live form.

Classes will be on app or YouTube?

All the lectures will be available on the app/web version only.


What can we if want to see previous lecture?

Go to the Batch> select subject>you can see the dates of previous days of one week only.
If you want to see older lecture then tap on the "Previous/ Classroom Contacts" Option> You can find all the topics there only>click on your topic you will get the videos and notes there.

Mention price is Yearly or Monthly fee?

The mentioned course is a yearly fee. It's a one time payment.

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