UPSC Prelims Focus Batch

Special Discounted Price
₹ 4199 ₹ 7499 (44% OFF)

Special Discounted Price

₹ 4199 ₹ 7499 44% OFF

Special Discounted Price

₹ 4199 ₹ 7499 44% OFF

Batch Details

A Detailed and Comprehensive Course designed for UPSC CSE Aspirants 2023.
Paid Batch for UPSC CSE Aspirants.
Live Lectures by the highly qualified and experienced faculties of India.
Lectures will be delivered in the Hinglish Language.
Comprehensive Coverage of 1.5 Year Current Affairs through Lectures.
Class PPTs will be available on PW App.
UPSC Preliminary Test Series 2023 based on the latest Exam Pattern (Total Tests = 20).
Integrated static & Current Affair Preparation.
Quick Revision Booklets will be provided in both Hindi & English language.
Course Completion Date: 21st May 2023.
Classes will be there from Monday to Saturday.
PYQ Analysis.
Free CSAT Course covering the CSAT Syllabus holistically.
Weekly Doubt Session.
Manthan - Monthly Current Affairs Magazine will be provided before 15th of next month.

Top Faculties


What is Prelims Focus Batch 2023?

It is a one stop solution for the students to crack Prelims 2023. Our top faculties will be covering all the important topics (from Prelims Perspective) in 100 days.

When will the course begin?

Course will begin from 3 rd January 2023.

Do we get Prelims Test series if we buy the course?

Yes, definitely a Prelims Test Series consisting of 20 Tests will be included in the course.

Do we get CSAT classes in Prelims Focus Batch 2023 or we have to purchase it separately?

Yes, CSAT Classes covering the entire syllabus will be provided along with this batch.

What will be the class duration and timings of live lectures?

The duration of each class will be 2 hr. There will be two classes on daily basis. The classes will be held from 11 am-1 pm and 6 pm-8 pm six days a week from Monday to Saturday.

Is the program available for English and Hindi Students?

The lectures will be conducted in Hinglish Format. However, the quick revision booklets (PDF Format) will be provided in both English and Hindi.

What will be the Schedule of the Prelims Test Series?

 The tests will be conducted on every Sunday. The tests would be of 100 Qs and of 2 hrs.

What will be the subscription end date for this batch?

 Subscription will end on 30 th May 2023.

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