. (a) Give the equation for:

(a) Give the equation for:

(i) Heat on sulphur with conc. sulphuric acid

(ii) Reaction of – sugar with conc. sulphuric acid

  1. Give a balanced equation for the conversion of zinc oxide to zinc sulphate
  2. Select the correct answer from A, B, C
  3. Sodium hydroxide solution
  4. A weak acid
  5. Dilute sulphuric acid

The solution which liberates sulphur dioxide gas, from sodium sulphite



Best Answer



 i. S + H2SO4 → 3SO2 +2H2O.

 ii. C12H22O11  + Conc. H2SO4 → 6C + 6H2O

b. ZnO + H2SO→ ZnSO4 + H2O. 

c. (C) Dilute sulphuric acid. 



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