. (a) What are the main applications of Avogadro's Law

(b) How dose Avogadro's Law explain Gay-Lussac's Law of combining volumes?


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(a) Applications of Avogadro's Law :

  • It explains Gay-Lussac's law.
  • It determines atomicity of the gases.
  • It determines the molecular formula of a gas.
  • It determines the relation between molecular mass and vapour density.
  • It gives the relationship between gram molecular mass and gram molecular volume.

(b) According to Avogadro's law under the same conditions of temperature and pressure, equal volumes of different gases have the same number of molecules.

Since substances react in simple ratio by number of molecules, volumes of the gaseous reactants and products will also bear a simple ratio to one another. This what Gay Lussac's Law says.

H2 + Cl2 ? 2HCl

1V 1V 2V(By Gay-Lussacs law)

n molecules n molecules 2n molecules (By Avogadros law)


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