. (a) What is the purpose of a switch in a circuit

(a) What is the purpose of a switch in a circuit?

(b) Why is the switch put in the live wire?

(c) What precaution do you take while handling a switch?


Best Answer

A switch is an on-off device for current in a circuit (or in an appliance). It is connected in the live wire. The appliance gets connected to the high potential point through the live wire. The current flows in the appliance because the circuit is complete as the neutral wire provides the return path for the current. In the off position of the switch, the circuit is incomplete and no current reaches the appliance through the live wire.


If switch is connected in the neutral wire, then in off position, no current passes through the bulb. But in the off position of switch, the appliance remains connected to the high potential terminal through the live wire.

current passes through the bulb

Therefore, it is deceptive and dangerous to connect a switch in the neutral wire.

Safety precaution while using a switch: A switch should never be touched with wet hands.


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