. (i) Name the part marked A is the diagram


(ii) How does 'A' reach part 'B'?

(iii) State the importance of part 'C'.

(iv) What happens to the part marked 'D' after fertilisation is over?     



Best Answer

Ans. (i) A => Pollen grains        .

(ii) Pollen grains, i.e., 'A' reach part 'B', i.e., stigma of the carpel by the process of pollination.

Pollination is carried out by insects (like bees, butterfuly, etc.), birds, wind, water, etc.

(iii) 'C' = > Pollen tube, 'Pollen tube grows downward through the tyle towards thfemale gamete in the ovary. Pollen tube helps the male gamete reach the egg or ov le (female gamete).

(iv)'D' =>Fertilised egg or Zygote   .

The fertilized egg (or zygote) divides several ties to form an embryo within the ovule.

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