. In which female reproductive organ does the embryo get embedded and why

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The female reproductive system is consist following organs

a pair of ovaries along with a pair of oviducts,



Vagina and the external genitalia

Along with the above-mentioned parts, a pair of mammary glands supports the process of ovulation, fertilization, pregnancy, birth, and child care.

Ovaries are the primary sex organ, produce female gametes (ovum) and ovarian hormones

The uterus is single and also called a womb.

The shape of the uterus is like an inverted pair, it is the part where the embryo gets embedded.

Final Answer

The embryo is embedded in the uterus because after implantation chorionic villi gets surrounded by uterine tissue(uterus) and maternal blood.

These both together form a structural and functional unit between the developing embryo and placenta. The placenta facilitates oxygen supply and nutrients to the embryo.



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