. Look at the wordings of the two documents given below

  Look at the wordings of the two documents given below. The first column is from the 1990 Nepal Constitution. The second column is from the more recent Constitution of Nepal.

1990 Constitution of Nepal Part 7: Executive 2015 Constitution of Nepal Part 7: Federal Executive
Article 35: Executive Power. The executive power of the Kingdom of Nepal shall be vested in his Majesty and the Council of Ministers Article 75: Executive Power: The Executive Power of Nepal shall, pursuant to this Constitution and law, be vested in the Council of Ministers

What is the difference in who exercises ‘Executive Power’ in the above two Constitutions of Nepal

Best Answer

In Article 35 of the 1990 Constitution of Nepal, the powers to rule the country, to set rules and to manage the country are all vested in the King of the country and the Ministers appointed under him.

However, Article 75 of the 2015 Constitution of Nepal states that the rules, governance and management of the country will be based on the laws mentioned in the Constitution of the country under the supervision of the Ministers.

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