. Make a flow chart to show classification of plant tissues

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  • Plant tissue is of two types: meristematic and permanent tissues

Plant tissue


  • Meristematic tissue is responsible for the growth of plants.
  • Permanent tissues are formed when the cells differentiate to perform certain specific functions.
  • Meristematic is of two types primary and secondary.
  • The primary meristem includes the apical and intercalary meristem.
  • Secondary meristem or lateral meristem include vascular and cork cambium.
  • Permanent tissues are of two types simple(formed of one type of cells) and complex(formed of different types of cells).
  • Simple includes parenchyma, sclerenchyma, and collenchyma.
  • Complex tissue includes xylem and phloem.


Final Answer:

Plant tissues are divided on the basis of their functions into two i.e. meristematic and permanent.



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