. Name the following of terms

 Name the following:
(a) Any one vein which starts from an organ and ends in another organ besides the heart.
(b) The kind of blood vessels which have no muscular walls.
(c) Any artery which carries impure (deoxygenated) blood.
(d) The kind of blood cells which can squeeze out through the walls of one category of blood vessels.
(e) The smallest common blood vessels formed by the union of capillaries.
(f) The category of blood vessels which start from capillaries and end in capillaries.
(g) The phase of the cardiac cycle in which the auricles contract.
(h) The valve present in between the chambers on the right side of the human heart.
(i) The phase of the cardiac cycle in which the ventricles get filled with blood from the atrium.
(j) The fluid found between the membranes of the heart.


Best Answer

(a) Hepatic portal vein
(b) Blood Capillaries
(c) Pulmonary artery
(d) White blood cells
(e) Venules
(f) Portal vein
(g) Atrial systole
(h) Tricuspid valve
(i) Atrial systole
(j) Pericardial fluid


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