. ''The impact of globalization has not been uniform''. Explain this statement.

Best Answer

The impact of globalization has not been uniform because of the following reasons.

(i)It has been seen that globalization has not benefited everybody. On the other hand, it has benefited those who are equipped with education, skill and wealth on other hand, a large section of people are yet to get the pidends of globalization.

(ii) It has attracted foreign investments in consumer sections (cell phones, automobiles, soft drinks). But the primary sector still remains the same which provides the maximum employment and other core sectors(power, steel) have also failed in attracting foreign investments.

(iii)Globalization has resulted in more marginalization of small producers with limited capital and technology because of the presence of the MNCs and bigger corporations in the market.

(iv)It has also resulted in shutting down several of the small units and rendering many workers jobless(batteries, plastics).

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