. 10 slogans on organ donation

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10 slogans on organ donation are as follows - 

  1. Let someone see their sky after you die.
  2. Don’t die in vain, donate organs to vanish someone’s pain.
  3. After you have lived enough, let someone start living.
  4. Have a second life in someone else’s body.
  5. Be someone’s god, donate organs on time.
  6. Take blessings even after your death, and make your organs work to help someone else.
  7. When there is no bar, what are you waiting for? Donate organs and save lives.
  8. Recycle your organs, let them live when you are gone.
  9. Agreeing to give will let someone live.
  10. When you see that God was cruel, step forward and donate organs, this will give people a second chance in real.

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10 slogans on organ donation are mentioned above.



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