. 112 cm3 of H2S(g) is mixed with 120 cm3 of Cl2(g) at STP to produce HCl(g) and sulphur(s)

112 cm3 of H2S(g) is mixed with 120 cm3 of Cl2(g) at STP to produce HCl(g) and sulphur(s). Write a balanced equation for this reaction and calculate (i) the volume of gaseous product formed (ii) composition of the resulting mixture.


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Balanced chemical equation:

Balanced chemical

(i)At STP, 1 mole gas occupies 22.4 L.

As 1 mole H2S gas produces 2 moles HCl gas,

22.4 L H2S gas produces 22.4 × 2 = 44.8 L HCl gas.

Hence, 112 cm3 H2S gas will produce 112 × 2 = 224 cm3 HCl gas.

(ii) 1 mole H2S gas consumes 1 mole Cl2 gas.

This means 22.4 L H2S gas consumes 22.4 L Cl2 gas at STP.

Hence, 112 cm3 H2S gas consumes 112 cm3 Cl2 gas.

120 cm3 - 112 cm= 8 cmCl2 gas remains unreacted.

Thus, the composition of the resulting mixture is 224 cm3HCl gas + 8 cm3 Cl2 gas.

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