. A 20 litre container at 400 K contains

CO2(g) at pressure 0.4 atm and an excess of SrO (neglect the volume of solid SrO). The volume of the container is now decreased by moving the movable piston fitted in the container. The maximum volume of the container, when pressure of CO2 attains its maximum value, will be

(Given that : SrCO3s    SrO(s) + CO2(g), K= 1.6 atm )

(a) 10 litre

(b) 4 litre

(c) 2 litre

(d) 5 litre

Best Answer

Correct Option is : (d)

Max. pressure of CO= Pressure of CO2 at equilibrium

For reaction, SrCO3( s)⇌SrO(s) + CO2

Kp = PCO2 = 1.6 atm= maximum pressure of CO2

Volume of container at this stage, V= nRT/ P...(i)

Since container is sealed and reaction was not earlier at equilibrium

 ∴ n= constant


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