. A 20 m deep well with diameter 7 m is dug and the earth from digging is evenly spread outto form a platform 22 m by 14 m. Find the height of the platf

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Solution:As per the question,

The shape of the well will be cylindrical

Depth (h) of well = 20 m

Radius (r) of circular end of well =7/2

Area of platform = Length × Breadth = 22 × 14 m2

Let height of the platform = H

Volume of soil dug from the well would be equal to the volume of soil that is scattered on the platform.

Volume of soil from well = Volume of soil used to make such platform

πr2h = Area * Height

π * (7/2)2 * 20 = 22 * 14 * H

deep well

Hence, the height of the platform = 2.5m



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