. A ball is thrown vertically upwards

The positive direction is taken to be in upward direction. Which of the following is the correct sign of the quantities during its ascent?



Best Answer

Ans. The correct option is A.

Every object when it is thrown on earth surface, it returns back again to the earth because of its force of gravitation at the surface. The earth surface is taken into consideration because the 0 level and the value will increase because it is going upward both it could be position or the velocity. Gravity acts downward. When the body is thrown upwards, its movements up till the speed of the ball will become 0 and the force exerted on it will become 0. After that the ball reaches the ground with the acceleration because of gravity with the 0 velocity. When the ball is going up, the height of the ball will increase and it then moves up. Thus, the position will become positive. The ball is going up with a few velocity received through the force exerted by the person that throws the ball. This is confined as much as the ball force of the ball is 0. Though the speed of the ball while moving up decreases, the direction is upward. Hence the speed of the ball is similarly positive. The acceleration that acts at the body is because of the gravitational force. The acceleration because of gravity is downwards closer to the surface of the earth. Hence in this situation the downward is taken into consideration as positive and the upward is considered as negative. Since the acceleration movements the ball up towards the force of gravity, it is negative.

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