. A block of mass 4 kg is suspended through

two light spring balances A and B in series. Then A and B will be read respectively

A: 4 kg and zero kg

B: zero kg and 4 kg

C: 4 kg and 4 kg

D: 2kg and 2 kg

suspended through

Best Answer


Given: mass, m = 4 kg

Both the spring balance A and B will have the same reading i.e. 4 kg

Let F1 be the spring force of upper spring and F2 be the spring force of lower spring

F2 = 4g  and (F1 - F2) = 0     ⇒ F1 = F2 = 4g

Therefore, reading in both spring balance will be 4 kg

Final answer:

Hence the correct option is (C), i.e. 4 kg and 4 kg


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