. A blue colour flower plant denoted by BB is crossbred with that of white colour flow plant denoted by bb

(a) State the colour of flower you would expect in their F1 generation plants.

(b) What must be the percentage of white flower plants in F2 generation if flowers of F1 plants are self-pollinated?

(c) State the -expected ratio of the genotypes BB and Bb in the F2 progeny.


Best Answer


a blue color flower plant

All the flowers in the F1 generation are blue.

(b) If flowers of F1 plants are self-pollinated

a blue color flower plant

Ratio of (blue flower plant) to (white flower plant) = 3:1

Percentage of white flower plant = White flower plant/total palnts of Fgeneration x 100

= 1/4 x 100

= 25%

flower plant


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