. A cell will swell up if _________

A. The concentration of water molecules in the cell is higher than the concentration of water molecules in the surrounding medium.

B. The concentration of water molecules in the surrounding medium is higher than water molecules concentration in the cell.

C. The concentration of water molecules is the same in the cell and in the surrounding medium.

D. Concentration of water molecules does not matter

Best Answer

And. The correct option is B.

If we observe the cell in a solution where the surrounding concentration of water is further than that of the cell inside the water will move from high concentration to the lower concentration that's from outside to inside accordingly the cell will absorb the water. This is only possible when the solution is hypertonic inside the cell and hypotonic outside the cell, that's the solute is in high concentration inside the cell and lower outside the cell. When the particular concentration of water molecules present in the enclosing medium is advanced than the present water molecule concentration within its cell, the cell tends to swell up. This swelling is due to the high concentration of water outside the cell and when it tends to get inside the result is swelling of that individual cell.

Hypotonic results support diabetic cases by rehydrating the cell when the patient goes through ketoacidosis in which the intracellular space gets dehydrated so we present a hypotonic solution to them.

When we place animal cell in hypotonic result that's cell without holding cell wall so the cell could get enough uptake of water which may affect in the rupture of the cell but if the plant cell are kept rather they will repel exploding due to the presence of cell wall and shows turgor pressure phenomena.

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