. A layer of epidermal cells showing a fully grown root hair

The diagram below represents a layer of epidermal cells showing a fully grown root hair. Study the diagram and answer the questions that follow:


a. Name the parts labelled A, B, C and D.

b. The root hair cell is in a turgid state. Name and explain the process that caused this state.

c. Mention one distinct difference between the parts labelled A and B.

d. Draw a diagram of the above root hair cell as it would appear when a concentrated solution of fertilizers is added near it.


Best Answer


A - Cell wall

B - Cell membrane

C - Cytoplasm

D - Nucleus


b. A root hair gets turgid because of the absorption of water from the surrounding. Absorption of water by root hair is achieved by the process of osmosis. The concentration of water in the surrounding is more than that of the interior of the cell; this causes the water from the surrounding to move in because of endosmosis.






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