. A plastic box 1.5 m long

1.25 m wide and 65  cm deep is to be made. It is opened at the top. Ignoring the thickness of the plastic sheet,

(i) determine the area of the sheet

(ii) the cost of sheet for it, if a sheet measuring 1m2 costs Rs. 20 .

Best Answer


We are given,

Length of box =1.5m, Breadth =1.25m, Height =0.65m

(i) Area of sheet required =21b+2bh+21h-1b

(i) Area of sheet required  =21b+2bh+1b...[Box is open]



ii) Cost of sheet per m2 area  = Rs. 20

Cost of sheet of 5.45m2 area  = Rs. 5.45×20


Final answer:

The area of the sheet is  and the cost of sheet is .

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